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Greetings fellow FPN'ers!


It is just over a year (Sept 2012) since I posted a couple of pictures of my little one using a fountain pen for the first time. Back then it was a Jinhao 159 and due to the less than delicate touch of a child, has actually bedded in and writes really nice now!


Since then, we have undertaken an exercise where every weekend, she is allowed to write in "Dad's Journal" and has her own page to herself to write about anything she wants.


Tonight, being wet and windy and just not fit to take a dog outside in the bad weather, we decided to have a little indoors time and try a different pen, a simple Rotring Art pen with a 1.5 italic nib. We had a little practice with it to get used to the different feel that an italic nib has, but after ten minutes, she had it nailed.


Out with the Journal and play-time again.


In the spirit of the "reviews" pages:


Pen: Rotring Art Pen 1.5 Italic.

Ink: Rotring Art Pen Black Ink.

Paper: Moleskine.

Writers Age: 7.

Fun Factor: 10/10


Had it not been for bedtime coming around so quickly, we would have actually had a go at doing an ink or pen review, although I might wait until her hand is a tad lighter before I allow her loose on my prize Pelikan M1000... I do however have a number of Lamy Safari's in the wings :-)


I have now lost my Rotring.......










Never try and teach a pig to sing: it wastes your time and annoys the pig

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That is AWESOME!!!!... My lord.. I can't remember writing that good when I was 7..... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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"The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it's the illusion of knowledge." -Stephen Hawking,

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We just sit at the table, each with a cup of tea and a sticky cake and make it pleasureable. One page a fortnight is all we do for the moment, definitely not pushing.


I wish my own writing would improve but am always in a rush. Tis life.



Never try and teach a pig to sing: it wastes your time and annoys the pig

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Wow! The Rotring Artpen 1.5 mm was quite a nice pen. I really enjoyed mine. It was my second fountain pen, and it's so nice that she can get a nice opportunity to use it.



Stolen: Aurora Optima Demonstrator Red ends Medium nib. Serial number 1216 and Aurora 98 Cartridge/Converter Black bark finish (Archivi Storici) with gold cap. Reward if found. Please contact me if you have seen these pens.

Please send vial orders and other messages to fpninkvials funny-round-mark-thing gmail strange-mark-thing com. My shop is open once again if you need help with your pen.

Will someone with the name of "Jay" who emailed me through the email system provide me an email address? There was no email address provided, so I can't write back.


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My 7 yr old and I have been writing sight words together. Not sure he's ready for a fountain pen yet, though...

"Ravens play with lost time."

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My child is quite intrigued with dip pens. The promise has been made that when he can write script with the dip pen, there is a fountain pen waiting for him - this is a huge deal, because he is VERY resistant to writing! I hope he eventually does as well as the OP's daughter!



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Thanks for another update and picture that make us smile. It's also interesting to see that your daughter does not use the "tripod grip" but the "index finger centreline" grip. I use a grip that is somewhere in between, so that I find the Safari usable but tiring.

No, I am not going to list my pens here.

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I think with time, Arianna's grip will develop, I think she is just getting to grips (oh did I reallly say that..) with an italic nib, so its a nice steady learning curve.


It is quite fun for the pair of us.


Today, we are playing with plastacine (playdoh type material) and we have most efficiently trashed the dining table. No pics of that and couldnt pass them off as pen related. :-)



Never try and teach a pig to sing: it wastes your time and annoys the pig

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Lovely post and picture.


And here I thought I was being irrational by exposing my 8 year old daughter to fountain pens. She has a burgundy colored medium point Sheaffer NN that is designated as "Her Pen", though it is stored along with my other pens. She likes to use different inks to write, but loses patience after about half-a-page. Guess it is the age and I just let her be comfortable. An itatlic nib might be the way to go next.


Once a week of this is a good bonding exercise, but cleaning the Sheaffer after writing is a real pain for me...




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Love Single Malt, Coffee, Beer.

Corporate slave by day.

Pursuing Inner Peace.

Slytherin, INTJ.

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We just bought a Pelikan Griffix for my 7 year old. He's impatient and he doesn't slide his hand along as he writes, so the pen gets more and more upright till it doesn't write anymore, but he was having fun so I'm sure it will come in time.

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georges zaslavsky

good job diver :thumbup:

Pens are like watches , once you start a collection, you can hardly go back. And pens like all fine luxury items do improve with time


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Thanks for the comments, I will be showing them all to Arianna for encouragement, but I think she is hooked already. That's my Pelikan M1000 gone in a few years no doubt.....

Never try and teach a pig to sing: it wastes your time and annoys the pig

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Nicely done! My sister and her family stayed with me for the holidays and her little 7 year old daughter must have seen my box of fountain pens and my sheaves of scribbles on my desk. After their return she told her grandma that she'd been impressed with my fountain pens would dearly love to also have one. Grandma then phoned me to ask what my recommendations were.


Needless to say, I bought her her first pen and it should be in the mail on Tuesday. [big smile here]

“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.”

― Jack Kerouac, The Dharma Bums

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