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Faber Castell (Id?) 1St One For Me ...

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I really like the robustness of these pens appearance, and they have that engineered look to them. Can any one ID this model or steer me to a resource that might assist?






I was thinking this pen went for a rather good buyer's price?Thanks...

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I was, coincidentally, watching this auction. If you google the "683 626" number shown on the box, it seems that this was sold prior to the E-Motion as a special gift item. I didn't see a name for it anywhere. It was then later marketed as the E-Motion.


I stopped watching this auction as another one popped up with the (unused) FP, MP, and BP (RB?) as a complete set in Pearwood, so I snapped up the BIN auction for under $100! I think it was a super deal.


I'd never considered Faber-Castell, and I always thought the shape was funny, primarily because of the pencil. All three are quite comfortable to hold: solid quality materials and construction with a nice heft, just the right weight and balance -- even for my small hands.


And yes, they all glide verrrry smoothly!


The matte stealth Pure Black version with the black nib seems intriguing as well (albeit pricey). So many good choices amongst all their colors/patterns.

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