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"hand To Type – Scripts, Hand-Lettering And Calligraphy"


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Another amazing book I just aquired. It covers not only a lot of contemporary takes on calligraphy / lettering as well as script-style font design but also some chapters about current developments in non-latin writing systems such as arabic, indian and japanese. Some of the examples are totally applied and practical, others completely free and more veering towards art.

There are some very insightful interviews with great typographers / calligraphers for example with Brody Neuenschwander (who did some famous movie projects with Peter Greenaway).
Apart from that it is a very beautiful book, a joy to browse in and a great source for inspiration!
Here are some more reviews –
Besides the book contains one of my favourite quotes about calligraphy: "The one hard thing about calligraphy is that is does take a hell of a lot of practice" - said mexican designer Mr. Gabriel Martínez Meave. So true!

I am an illustrator & graphic designer learning calligraphy :: instagram :: blog

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No, No, No! I will not burden my bookshelves with another book, but this looks so tempting!


The comment by M. Meave is true for any work that is truly well done. Ye olde way to learn by apprenticeship, working as artist or craftsman (oops! "craftsperson), produced some of our finest works to feast our eyes upon.


Thank you.

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