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Monteverde Mini Converter In Kaweco Sport Classic


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Howdy folks,


I'm sure you guys have run into this before. I filled up my monteverde mini converter with a syringe and stuck the converter into the section.. I then screwed the body onto the converter, and attempted to shake the whole pen. Rattling! Oh no. Because the converter tip is hard plastic, it will not reliably connect to the converter, and therefore will result in leaking if not properly seated in the barrel.


My solution: stuff a tiny ball of tissue down the barrel, and then re-screw. It works! Anyone else run into this and have another solution?



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Interesting, but perhaps a bit scary. On a related note, the Andersons (no affiliation) had the brand new Kaweco converter at the Michigan Pen show a couple of weeks ago. It fits the Sport, which is nice, but it also fits the Liliput, which is fantastic.

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I'll have to check that out... I'm not liking the monteverde miniconverter, because after some shaking, it'll get loose and start leaking. :/ Tempted to superglue it to a certain length and just fill it up with a syringe.



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Was the converter new when you put it into the pen? The international cartridge size isn't perfect. Some have larger connectors than others. If you put a converter into a pen with a slightly larger connector, it will often fall off a pen that has a slightly smaller connector.



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