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Can I Avoid Staining Issues Like This?

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Hoping not to break the forum rules, I recently purchased a sample of what some call the brightest blue ink available from the Tardiff stable of inks.


Concerned over staining threats.... I have and really like my Kaweco Ice Sport. I have modified one of its cartridges so I can refill it with any ink I choose, via a needle syringe (works great). I was thinking I could try the BSB in that cartridge and if it becomes uncleanable, no real loss. However, am I creating an issue with the Kaweco's feed?


Lookin to use the ink to see what all the commotion is!


Thanks ...

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I usually use Baystate Blue in a Parker Sonnet Cisele, as that color won't stain sterling silver (though it did lightly stain the converter). I've also used it without issue in a Kaweco Classic Sport in the same manner you propose, though there was some staining that was easily removed with a little bit of TLC.

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For the rare times that NBsBl comes out to play, I'm a bit fussy to avoid a tedious clean-up and the use of stronger-than-water chemicals.


I use a c/c filler: Add ink to the converter using a syringe, attach the converter, orient the pen nib downmost over a container that's going for recycling, flood the feed+collector, retract the converter piston, slip on my sunnies then run-out the excess ink on scrap paper until the flow is even.


For clean-up, I don't soak the section - just flushing / back-flushing, with the waste water+ink going into the container that's going for recycling. The converter is cleansed using the syringe, in effect cleansing both the syringe & the converter.


If you plan to carry your pen+NBsBl, be a bit careful so that ink doesn't collect inside the cap.


OBTW, diluting NBsBl with ~20% [distilled] water will help reduce likelihood of feathering & line-width gain on lesser papers.





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Noodler's Baystate Blue - Dilution: 100, 80, 66 & 40% https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php?/topic/180675-dilution-noodlers-baystate-blue/

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