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My Second F.p. Mb 149 Or The 1912 Heritage? Discuss................

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The heritage for me, have you felt how responsive the nib is? If you haven't, do go to the shop and give it a go and see what I mean. I do love my 149 75th Anniversary btw tho.

Fountain pens are like weapons. They just make your pocket bleed so much.

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I had forgot I posted this thread! LOL. I ended up getting a 149 and absolutely love it. I enjoyed my Raden VP with its Binder nib, however this 149 is something else. I have an EF which really is easily an F if not a MF, lol. It writer a thicker line than my VP F nib does.

I got the included ink swapped for the Royal Blue that Montblanc do. I love that colour being as it is my favourite also.

I just couldn't help myself but get the 149. I stood staring at them both for so long and having tested the shop owners own 1976 super fine 149 I was sold. His nib was superbly fine. I'm not an expert and do not know much but he allowed me to ink dip a 149 F and I was like, yup! That'll do me :)

I still like the 1912 though too. So I may be going back..........................

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