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Broken Pelikan M200, What Can I Do?


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Hello, I am a complete newbie to the fountain pen world.


One of my family members gave me a Pelikan m200,


and when I twisted the back of the pen to fill up, it made a strange squeaking noise.


And.. if you look at the picture, I'm no fountain pen expert, but I can tell it's broken.


I'm not even sure what the part it's broken is called (it is the one next to the pen cap)


I'm wondering if it's even salvageable?


Also.. I was wondering when I'm filling up a Pelikan m200, am I supposed to see it get filled up in the area I circled with red?


Thanks a lot!



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I am the eternal optimist, and I would say that yet, it is repairable. I'm not sue how or how much it would cost, though. Not really knowing much either, it looks like part of the piston mechanism broke; it may be as "simple" as purchasing and installing a new mechanism.


Yes, when the pen is working, you will be able to see ink in the clear part which you circled in red; that's the ink window.


And actually - if you have an eye dropper or syringe, you may be able to sorta use the pen as-is. The whole nib unit unscrews. You can try grabbing just the nib and feed and gently unscrewing (don't force it); if you get it out, you can put some ink in, screw the nib back in, and write. :) Actually, if you did want to try that, I would put in water first, to make sure it didn't just flow straight out the back; a watery mess is easier to clean up than an inky mess.


ETA: I did a little bit of searching, and didn't easily find a link for a replacemt piston. The easiest thing to do may be to write Pelikan and ask (there's a page on their site just for repair questions). Good luck!

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Sasha Royale

Of course, it can be fixed. You will have to decide if the cost is reasonable for you.


More ideas are on the way.

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The best thing: Contact Chartpak (the US distributer of Pelikan): http://www.chartpak.com/channels/writing.html


Other than that, the only thing you can do is buy a new body from a reputable dealer. To my knowledge, Pelikan does not sell parts.





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i have same problem, broken plastic thread (but mine is tear into 3 parts) and missing ring band on piston cap.
have you tried cheaper german piston filler like Ero, Herlitz ? tried with Rotax, the piston filler mechanism are different with this one.

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