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Question For Uk Namiki Falcon Owners


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I've wanted a Namiki Falcon for months but kept finding other pens to try as having to import the pen put me off due to the potential Customs charges. I found out last week that I could order a Namiki Falcon(resin) from Amazon.com and VAT/Customs charges were added on by Amazon so there would be no surprise charges when the pen went through UK customs. Using Amazons Global Shipping meant that the pen would only cost me a total of £100 and I knew that by using Amazon I had great after sales service if needed, so I went ahead and ordered one.

The pen arrived Friday and so far I'm loving it, it has the new screw converter with the metal widget to help ink flow, it's very light so great for long drawing sessions and the flexy fine nib is everything I hoped it would be :D


Waffle over :blush: the question I have is about the Namiki 3 year warranty, has anyone in the UK who has bought a Namiki Falcon(resin) sent off the warranty card or did you not bother? The card is laid out for a US address(state/zip etc) so I'm wondering if using a UK address would void the warranty anyway?

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