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Masters Of The Fountain Pen


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Hi there,


Finally, I've done preparation for uploading the English version of "Japanese Famous

Fountain Pen Craftsmen (Biographies)", which I had once posted on this forum !


This documentary portrays the craftsmen who carry on the legancy of fountain pen

production against a backdrop of detailed work and processes.


From now through the end of this year, I'll upload and introduce 8 master fountain pen

craftsmen one by one : Kiyoshi Kato (Kato Seisakusho Company), Harumi Tanaka (Hakase

Fountain Pens), and Katsumi Kawakubo (Kawakubo Fountain Pens), who use potter's

wheels for fountain pen production ; Hiroyoshi Kubota (Yamada Fountain Pens), master of

delicate ornamentation ; Kohei Kubo (Kubo Workshop), who repairs pen nibs using metal

processing technology ; Katsuhiko Kubo (Nakaya Fountain Pens) and Eizo Fujii (Euro Box),

versatile craftsman able to handle a wide range of repair work ; and Nobuhiko Moriyama

(Fullhalter), a craftsman skilled in the art of adjusting pen nibs to suit the unique writing

styles of their owners.


Incidentally, I'll upload each video at random and at random times on this topic . So, please

check here occasionally for the new episode !


Ultimately, BIOGRAPHIES aims to function as a record of the spirit and techniques behind

the creation, use, and popularization of the fountain pen by featuring the actual voices of

the craftsman and footage of each engrossed in their work.



Plus, this time, I would like to introduce "Additional Chapters" of this video with English

subtitles as well.


The video provides a glimpse into the techniques involved in the creation of fountain pens

and the Japanese craftsmen who carry on the legacy of their production.


The importation of fountain pens into Japan began during the Meiji Period, and their

domestic production became possible during the Taisho Period. The technique of deftly

shaving down a piece of material to create a pen barrel on a tool similar to a potter's

wheel is at the heart of Japanese fountain pen production.


This work follows the entire fountain pen production process, from the fashioning of the

cap and barrel from ebonite, wood, and celluloid and the attachment of the nib and grip to

the adjustment and repair of the nib for the smooth writing of Japanese characters. It also

explores polishing methods ; techniques for long-lasting and breathtaking ornamentation,

repair, all of which have helped support the world of Japanese fountain pens.


Ultimately, the ADDITIONAL CHAPTERS aims to document the modern art of writing with

the exquisite tool that is a fountain pen as well as the spirit and techniques that are

poured into the creation of each and every one one.



If you have an interest in this topic, I'll be really glad as Japanese.



Masters of the Fountain Pen - Nobuhiko Moriyama (Fullhalter) -




Don't miss the next episode !



安達功太 (Kota Adachi)

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Posted Images

The video footage used by VirtuThe3rd here is from "Modern History of Writing." 筆記の近代誌 produced by Prof. KOIKE Jun'ichi at the National Museum of Japanese History.

I don't know if this is the violation of copyright. Still, I believe that for using this material, at least, the reference data should be included.

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Thanks so much for providing the English subtitles, really adds to the enjoyment of watching the videos.



Edited by DanF

"Life is like an analogy" -Anon-


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Thank you so much for your watching. As a matter of course, I've contacted relevant parties of this video and obtained a permission to upload. In addition, some Masters have given me an approval officially (on a face-to-face basis) because this video is not for sale.



Introductory Chapter


A common fountain pen mechanism and how it work.





Don't miss the next episode !

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Hi Virtu, I would like to commend you on your videos, really informative!! Thank you for doing the subtitling. Moriyama-san has great craftsmanship. I'll keep an eye out for your future posts.


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Thanks a lot for your hearty comment.


Sailor often offers a free service like this in cities across Japan. In this event, customers are allowed to bring "any quantities or brands" for the nib masters to adjust the nib. Mr. Kawaguchi and Mr. Nagahara are famous, has been conducting Pen Clinics across cities in Japan as well as throughout the world. They are the top two respected great legendary pen masters in Sailor.



Additional Chapter


Sailor Pen Clinic (With English Subtitles)





Don't miss the next episode !

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As usual a very informative clip and thanks for taking the time to post it.


How easy do he make that seem !!!!

Money may not make you happy but I would rather cry in a Rolls-Royce


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Excellent work Virtu, much appreciated. I already watched most of them but now I'm definitely going to watch them again. Many thanks. :notworthy1: :thumbup:


I have a couple of Sailor's now and they are awesome!

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Thanks for the videos, too many I can only get to see Eurobox's Eizo Fuji during my week long trip to Tokyo starting Tuesday. Would love to drop into seeing others but due to the public holidays and work at Tokyo Game Show. Especially to see the difference in the art of nib smoothing from what I have been taught.

From The Sunny Island of Singapore


Straits Pen Distributors and Dealers of Craft Rinkul, JB Perfect Pen Flush, Ohto Japan, Parker, Pelikan, Pilot Pen, Private Reserve Inks, Schrade Tactical Pens, Smith & Wesson Pens, Noodler's Ink LLC Pens, TWSBI Inc and Waterman in Singapore

Disclosure: I do nib work for others and am affiliated with those which do. I also sell and represent certain brands of pens.

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Thank you so much for this.


I am a great admirer of Japanese fountain pens. The majority of my pens are from Japan. To me, Japanese pens are the perfect marriage of beauty and functionality. I was honoured to have met Nagahara-san on his only visit to England a few years ago (http://www.pentrace.net/penbase/Data_Returns/full_article.asp?id=461).


I very much enjoyed watching these videos in Japanese but the English subtitles have helped me appreciate even more how talented and dedicated these craftsman are.


Producing subtitles will have taking you quite a considerable amount of time. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

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Thank you so much. I would be more than happy to be of service to you all.


"Daimaru Fujii Central" is a stationery store since 1892 which is a familiar spot to Fountain Pen Lovers in Hokkaido.



Additional Chapter


Fountain Pen Shop : Daimaru Fujii Central in Hokkaido, Japan




Don't miss the next episode !

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Such great customer service! I would love to visit such a pen store. And the pens that the sales assistant brought out were the flagships of the individual brands: Waterman Edson, Pelikan M1000, Delta Dolce Vita, and the Pilot pen - not too sure which Pilot pen model that is, but it sure looks good. Virtu, do you know? Thanks in advance!

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- not too sure which Pilot pen model that is, but it sure looks good. Virtu, do you know? Thanks in advance!


Sure. It's "Custom Legance (Blue)". My boss has Brown one. It looks so beautiful.

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