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Newton Pens - White & Gold Tru-Stone W/ S.t. Dupont Nib


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I've never commissioned a fountain pen but I've been admiring some of Shawn's beautiful pens and have followed the story of how he sold most of his pens to buy a lathe. I've also been touched by his desire to encourage his students by giving them their own fountain pens and ink so...I took a chance and ordered a pen.


Not just any pen, I wanted a pen could use the wonderful 18K nib from an ugly old S.T. Dupont that had been relegated to the back of my dead pen drawer for 2 years. It had a leaking section and the gold plating was peeling from the cap.


It's a little scary to spend money on a pen when I've never held one of his pens and I had to guess at the size and other options and hoped that they would feel right. It was fun to look at the different web sites that sold the rods of acrylic and other materials and to imagine how they might look as a pen.


I chose a white with gold veins tru-stone. I've never seen another pen like it. I also didn't want a clip and I wanted the barrel to be the same smooth width. It has a very interesting feel to it; smooth but you can also barely feel the gold veins. I also wanted a discrete ink window. The clear band allows the beautiful color of the ink to be seen. He was not able to fit a cartridge or converter so it is an eyedropper, which is probably the best option to keep ink from touching the outside of the barrel. I don't think the material is porous, but I don't want to take any chances. I believe there is an internal clear sleeve inside the cap and barrel to protect it from the ink.


I've shown the pen between my MB 146 & 149. I prefer the 146 size so this pen fits my hand perfectly. I've been using it exclusively for 2 weeks now and I really love it. The nib is performing beautifully in its new home.


Shawn takes much better pictures that I do. Here's the link to my pen on his web site.




Thank you Shawn


From another satisfied customer,






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