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Looking For Someone To Answer Some Questions About My Pen, Please And Thanks


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Hey there!

So just to jump right in, I currently own a dip pen with a range of nibs, going from extremely fine to very broad, and although I wouldn't consider myself a rookie when it comes to the actual handling of them, I'm still very new when it comes to the differences in various pens and the anatomy's of such.

For example: I just noticed on a few of my nibs that I bought as a set (Brand: Leonardt -Round- England. Sizes: 0, 1 1/2, 2 1/2, 3 1/2, and 5) that there is a flat piece on the bottom that can slide on and off. I don't know the name or the use of it, and have many similar questions regarding dip pens. I would be extremely grateful to anyone who would take the time to answer some of them. Thanks so much!


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Welcome to the FPN. Hang around here for a bit and you are likely to find the answers to just about any pan question you ever thought of. The part that slides on and off of the nib sounds like an ink reservoir. It allows the nib to hold more ink so you can write longer between dips.

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