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Hello Everybody

Like I say in the title I’m looking to buy a new fountain pen, but I have a profile for what I’m looking for. I’m not in the rush; maybe I’ll but it in the next 2 months. I have a list with some pens that I like how look like is and I’m waiting for expert’s opinion. So let’s start, in the order that I prefer:


  1. Pilot MR , price £19, online UK
  2. Sheaffer 100, price £27 DeGruchy Store
  3. Parker Frontier flighter, price £9, shipped from India
  4. Jinhao X750, price £6, shipped from China
  5. Sheaffer Targa, vintage, Ebay from £25

Now the features for my likes:

  • All brushed metal, S. Steel
  • Good balance, Heavy (25-35grams)
  • About 14-15cm long, cap on
  • Not too thin/thick (~1,3 cm)
  • F to M, wet and smooth nib (like Lamy Safari nibs)
  • Strong pocket clip, chrome trims
  • Secure post cap
  • Easy to clean, maintain
  • International cartridges/converter (i know Parker and Sheaffer are using proprietary system)


I did try to catch everything I want from a daily pen, mainly used for quick notes, quick writing on cheap paper. My first choice will be Pilot MR because of international C/C filling system, but I don't know how looks in reality, I’ve seen only online...The second pen, Sheaffer 100 I’ve seen in the shop and is very good looking pen, witch thick all my boxes except filling system. Any other pens that you think I should have a look please recommend it.








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Mmmm...I think I'd opt for the Pilot or either Sheaffer. More likely all three. might consider a Jinhao 159 but Picasso is the only I really like.

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I would say that the Pilot Metropolitan (MR in the UK) is probably the best fit for all of those. I picked up one this summer and I really enjoy how it writes. It's a pretty nice line, very smooth (surprisingly so for a sub-$20 pen) and has just the right amount of girth/weight for me. The metal finish and touches should make it an eye-catcher, and it's sleek lines will make it look very professional in your hands. BTW, I don't believe the pen has an international converter, it uses a proprietary Pilot converter. Ink Nouveau did a spot on these converters for comparison, you can clearly see the Metro/MR's converter on one shot.


Second would be the Jinhao x750. I have the 250 and I enjoy it, and I've seen positive reviews of the x750. You have to be prepared for some quality control issues, though, and make sure you know how to tweak nibs or reset feeds (or know someone who does), because there's always a chance your Chinese pen will be unusable out of the box. For under $10, it's not too bad, but if you don't have money to throw away then I'd stay away from the Chinese stuff.

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Pilot makes the MR which takes International standard carts and converters for the European market because the Pilot carts are not common there.


The heaviest pen of the bunch is the X750, they're nice if you upgrade the nib. The cap will not post well but the barrel is pretty long. I think it's worth the extra money to order from xFountainpens.com, and yes I realize you're in the UK.

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I believe that the Pilot MR uses international cartridges, it is the Metropolitan that uses the Pilot cartridge.


With the Chinese pens, you need to be careful, when they say Fine, it is probably equivalent to a western XF.

My 2 Asian M tips (the Pilot Metropolitan, and a Baoer 388) write a line like my most of my Parker F tip pens. And finding M tip Chinese pens is hard. I've found only a few.

The Baoer 388 (which is a close copy of the Parker Sonnet) is another one for your list, as it comes in a flighter finish. But it is 23g empty, so a bit short of your weight goal.


But speaking about weight, I don't have a Parker Frontier, but if the Frontier is like my other Parkers, it will be light. All of my Parkers are under 20g, some are down at 13-15g. The metal body and cap is thin and fairly light, unlike the heavy brass used on some of the Chinese pens.

San Francisco Pen Show - August 28-30, 2020 - Redwood City, California


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Thanks for quick replies!

My first thought was about Pilot MR, ‘cause fit my purpose, has good reviews and takes int. carts.

Jinhao look good, has some good reviews, but quality control make this pen less desirable…


@ jordanjay29: check this link: http://www.cultpens.com/acatalog/Pilot-MR-Fountain-Pen-Silver.html

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The Jinhao will need flushing, flossing and adjustment out of the box. It's a good FP for the price, but anyone who says it is superb must have low standards.


The Pilot MR is the way to go. Great fit and finish. Fuss free. Cult Pens customer service is top notch.

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I can vouch for the pilot metropolitan, its the pen that I own and its quite smooth.

Black ink? How are you supposed to distinguish the original from a copy?

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I think 99% I will buy a Pilot MR (metropolitan). I'll order one on my next month payday.

Thank you for support!

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I think 99% I will buy a Pilot MR (metropolitan). I'll order one on my next month payday.

Thank you for support!


I think that you will like, choose your color wisely and please keep up posted.




Lone Coyote

Black ink? How are you supposed to distinguish the original from a copy?

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I think that you will like, choose your color wisely and please keep up posted.




Lone Coyote


Or choose multiple colors wisely. I bought the gold first, but now I'm thinking of having the silver or black join it. It's just such a nice pen.

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I didn't wait till next paycheck and I order a silver Pilot MR from The Writing Desk. The pen arrived yesterday and I'm very pleased with it! Indeed it write smoothly with just a bit of feedback and UK version use international cartridges and converters. I already test a rOtring and a Chinese converter and work perfect, also a blue small cartridge. Also i thought it will be a little bit heavier, but it's perfect like that, well balanced! I think is the main competitor for Lamy Safari and is far better than my Parker IM.


Thank you everyone for recommendation!

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Hey there! Not sure if your a newbie or a seasoned pro? But! You didn't mention what kind of nib specifically to what you looking for and that is also a huge priority. Nibs come in Stainless steel, rhodium, and/or gold or plated.


Frankly you will find gold or rhodium nibs a bit more expensive but these nibs are really much more smooth writing compared to stainless steel. It's subtle but you will notice a difference in writing smoothness and ink flow.

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