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Pre Duofold Fountain Pens (Clip Version)


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I have the following pens of this era:

jack knife saftey- 23 1/2

DQ- 235

lucky curve- 222


This got wondering (although there is a list on parkerpen.net- does not state clip or ring)


does anyone have a more accurate list of the following {Model- number}

lucky curve

jake knife




Trench pen

Black Giant


True blue.


many thanks





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I don't think you would have a DQ that is "pre-Duofold", since it stands for "Duofold Quality". Nobody would have known what that meant.

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Yes thank you for pointing that out.


Facts about the Raven.


I know that the Raven came in three banding options:


single band

two cap bands.


They were made in the USA.


They all had the same diameter = 0.480 inches


But what lengths

I have seen ones online state 4 inches and one at 5 inches?


does anyone know the correct paremeters for Ravens.







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The True Blue and Pastels are both part of the Duofold family so they would not be pre-Duofold either.


They were marketed as smaller, lower-cost alternatives to the Duofolds. They both sold for $3.50 compared to $7.00 for a Senior-sized Duofold.


Unfortunately, I can't help you with the model numbers or with the Raven.

Parker: Sonnet Flighter, Rialto Red Metallic Laque, IM Chiseled Gunmetal, Latitude Stainless, 45 Black, Duovac Blue Pearl Striped, 51 Standard Black, Vac Jr. Black, 51 Aero Black, 51 Vac Blue Cedar, Duofold Jr. Lapis, 51 Aero Demi Black, 51 Aero Demi Teal, 51 Aero Navy Gray, Duofold Pastel Moire Violet, Vac Major Golden Brown, Vac Deb. Emerald, 51 Vac Dove Gray, Vac Major Azure, Vac Jr. Silver Pearl, 51 Vac Black GF Cap, 51 Forest Green GF cap, Vac Jr. Silver Pearl, Duovac Senior Green & Gold, Duovac Deb. Black, Challenger Black, 51 Aero Midnight, Vac. Emerald Jr., Challenger Gray Pearl, 51 Vac Black, Duofold Int. Black, Duofold Jr. Red.

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