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Advice With Cursive


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Hello all-


I've decided to try and revive my cursive handwriting, as a long time ago it was actually quite legible and pretty. It's not been used in ... I'd say, six or so years. My problem is that I write with a pronounced slant, and that sometimes compresses my loops, such as "e" vs "i", and that makes it hard for some to read. Hence the switch to print!


However, I like the flow of cursive, and would like to not forget how to write legibly, of course. I know it's possible :) So, please critique!


The first is my normal everyday print. Iti's quite straight and small, as you can see. The next section is my natural unlined current cursive, followed by what I considered "pulled back/neater" cursive, which is bascially what my print is like if it had a lovechild with cursive. Which cursive style should I adopt/ improve?




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Your writing is really one of the nicer ones I've noticed. The slant has nothing to do with it's attractiveness; however, when you write "straiter" its obvious that you are being more careful and care - not the slant - is what causes it to look better, IMHO. It also appears to me that you are using your fingers (quite common among printers, I think) - rather than your arm - to control your pen. Your letter forms and letter spacing are all quite good. Just slow down for awhile, relax your fingers and enjoy. I think you'll be pleased with the result. Speed will come in a little while.

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Great work, might like the works at http://www.iampeth.com/ for lessons on where you might improve.




PS: Welcome to FPN, hope you post often.

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Thank you!!! I took the advice to use my arm more and go slightly slower than normal, but still at a functional speed. I'm quite amazed that the fact that I never realized that I used my fingers, which made the cursive much more cramped. :D


So, here it is, cursive waking up again. I will continue to practice. It looks rather Palmer-ish - never noticed that before either.


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Willkommen bei FPN! :)


There is a marked improvement already (and I thought it was quite legible in your first sample). It's amazing how effective it is to use more arm movement in lieu of fingers. Well spotted, Les49.


Enjoy your time her at FPN - we're glad you're here.

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Very nice improvement already. I used to use a hybrid print - and still do sometimes, but I found that just writing in cursive improved my cursive.


"Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind" - Rudyard Kipling
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