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Sheaffer Legacy I And Ii Sterling "blanks"


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I have a couple of Sheaffer Legacy (both I and II) sterling "blanks", no engraving or design of any kind. They have the same "sterling" markings as any of the Legacy FPs with engraving/patterns, such as the Sheaffer Legacy sterling barleycorn models. I acquired these blanks many years ago from an office supply store, the owner of which insisted that they were some sort of "factory mistake" (perhaps they weren't scheduled for retail sale by Sheaffer, but obviously, artisans like Classic Pens started out with blanks to create their CP4, Washington and Richmond, Civil War pens, and Sheaffer has done the same with its various Legacy sterling models.


I've never seen any Legacy sterling blanks for sale. I assume that if utilized as a writer, one would need to exercise great caution, and even then, it might be difficult to avoid scratching the smooth sterling surface.


Did Sheaffer ever sell Legacy sterling blanks to retail customers? If "yes" what years, which models (Legacy I, II, Heritage), how were they priced, etc.


Any information or opinions on the value of these blanks (less, more, or about the same as the standard Sheaffer factory Legacy I or II sterling fountain pens, such as the barleycorn pattern) would be greatly appreciated. This is my first post here and I'd like to point out that for someone like me who is not an expert, I appreciate the fact that those who are knowledgeable/experts are willing to provide answers when they can.


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Is this what you mean?





If so... here is the history as it was explained to me.


Classic pens commissioned a run of 1865 Sterling silver pens from Sheaffer in two different patterns, the Washington and Richmond.




About the time production was supposed to start Sheaffer got sold to Textron. The CP4 edition got reduced from 1865 to only 500 of each pattern.


There were some Sterling silver pens that had been made but not yet engraved and Sheaffer had the banding heavy gold plated and added plated furniture. I've heard various numbers tossed around but the number is likely about a thousand plain pens.


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I have one sterling blank, exactly like the one shown in the picture. I also am interested in the same topics (Did Sheaffer ever sell Legacy sterling blanks to retail customers? If "yes" what years, which models (Legacy I, II, Heritage), how were they priced, etc).

In any case, it is a lovely pen...

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