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Tsunami Pen?


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Hi everyone,


I'm new here and found your site while trying to figure out a pen I own. I was given it as a gift several years ago and recently came across it again in a box I unpacked.


It's a black pen with silver and written on the cap is "Tsunami" with a little wave symbol on the clip. (See photo).


I've searched all over the internet for information, but have found zip. I'd really like to use this pen, but don't have a cartridge for it and have no idea what type it would use.


If anyone can give me any information or help, I'd be very grateful!






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Most likely it takes standard international cartridges (and a converter of the same kind). They are the most common style and used by many brands. Do you have any kind of brick & mortar pen shop near you? I know there is one in Scottsdale.

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I have a fountain pen and ball point set by Tsunami. Bought at a local office supply store some years ago. I posted a picture here.

The set came in a nice wooden box which had a label stating that it was made in India. It has a retractable nib, operated by turning a cap at the end of the barrel. It takes international standard short cartridges. The shape of the clip is reminiscent of that of the Camlin SD or the Noodler's Ahab, but the pen is much smaller than those.

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Thanks, I'll check that out. I don't know of a pen store here in Tucson, but I've never really searched for one. I'll try the suggestions you made.

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