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Too Little Trees Brand Journals/notebooks


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today ive been browsing around Half Price Books ( what it sounds)


there was a section where there's sketch books, journals, planners and stationerys. This small journal caught my eye, it had a 'I Love You Man' signing language sign on its cover since I am Deaf and communicate through pen and paper(passport journal) with the hearing people. This caught my eye.



Curiosity got best of me so I opened it. I liked how the paper felt and look, took my Edison Collier with two tone steel broad nib did a nick on a corner. Waited for my ink to dry i timed appox 10 to 15 seconds, the ink absorbs well, no feathering, and no bleed through. no blob of ink sitting there. It absorbed very well.


This little journal is made of sugar cane. however seem to made by and for hippies and made in china. Throughout the day after some purchases at HPB. I wrote my scribbles and doodads, some conversations with a waitress at a local restaurant. The ink and the paper quality is superb.


I am curious if anyone else have experienced the similar thing?



will post pictures.



er sorry about upside pics but yeah :P

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'The Yo-Yo maneuver is very difficult to explain. It was first perfected by the well-known Chinese fighter pilot Yo-Yo Noritake. He also found it difficult to explain, being quite devoid of English.

So we left it at that. He showed us the maneuver after a sort. B*****d stole my kill.'

-Squadron Leader K. G. Holland, RAF. WWII China.

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