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Newton Pens Custom

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I gave Shawn another challenge, and he came through magnificently! Check out my new vacuum filling Newton Pens custom!


(L to R, Pelikan M800, Lamy 2000, TWSBI Vac 700, Omas "New" Paragon, Newton Pens Custom)







(Transcript of written page follows)

This pen is a wonderful mongrel. The nib is a vintage Waterman Emblem. The feed is from…a well-known German company. The filling system is from a TWSBI Vac 700. Shawn fashioned the rest from tortoise celluloid. I love the smell of camphor!

It’s a bit long, as you can see in the pictures, but it had to be to accommodate the steel rod from the Vac 700. The pen is well-balanced and feels very good in my hand. I’ve also got an older pen from Shawn from back in his wood lathe days. That pen was good, for sure, but it’s clear that the upgrade to a metal lathe was beneficial. Seams are smoother and the pen feels super solid.

I’ve been using it as my main carry for three days so far, and it’s been perfect. The ebonite feed has supplied a consistent flow, the nib has a touch of flex, and the pen itself just fits my hand very well. Even in the consistent heat outside these days, I’ve gotten no burps nor blotches when transitioning from A/C to none.

I’ve not yet tried flushing. I’ll have to give a quick update when I get there, but I doubt there will be any issue.

If this were a Visconti or Delta, It’d have an MSRP of $995 and a street price of $475. Go buy one before Shawn figures out what his pens are really worth.



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It looks great! Shawn did a custom pen for me as well, and it's fantastic.


I love that he was able to give you a vac-filler :)

Currently using:Too many pens inked to list, I must cut back! :) I can guarantee there are flighters, urushi, and/or Sheaffer Vac-fillers in the mix!!!

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Defineitely a looker! I had never known that he could tailor such a pen.


As they say, a little knowledge is dangerous......



"Writing is 1/3 nib width & flex, 1/3 paper and 1/3 ink. In that order."Bo Bo Olson

"No one needs to rotate a pen while using an oblique, in fact, that's against the whole concept of an oblique, which is to give you shading without any special effort."Professor Propas, 24 December 2010


"IMHO, the only advantage of the 149 is increased girth if needed, increased gold if wanted and increased prestige if perceived. I have three, but hardly ever use them. After all, they hold the same amount of ink as a 146."FredRydr, 12 March 2015


"Surely half the pleasure of life is sardonic comment on the passing show."Sir Peter Strawson

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It looks great! Shawn did a custom pen for me as well, and it's fantastic.


I love that he was able to give you a vac-filler :)

Me too! I've got plans for more Newtons!

"A kingdom for a stage, princes to act,

And monarchs to behold the swelling scene!"

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I should clarify for the sake of those wishing to follow in my footsteps, that I supplied both the nib and the vac mechanism. I attempted to supply a feed, but Shawn had a better one on hand he was willing to give me (though if the nib hadn't worked out, I'd have taken a stock #8 nib on this pen).


For those concerned about the TWSBI, rest assured it has a Newton Pens plug on the end so it can live on as an eyedropper.

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I was very glad to have had that fat feed around. I had bought 2 a few months back for a similar project and thank goodness that those old Waterman nibs are the same size as the modern big nibs. :) It was very convenient.

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This is impressive, Shawn. I actually had been thinking of doing something similar to this. Cool to see it as reality!

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