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Shellac Cellulose Acetate Barrel To Section?


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I wanted to get some advice about adhering a section into the barrel and the type of nib.

I recently won a Retro 51 Double-8 L.E. NOS fountain pen off eBay. The pen is made from cellulose acetate and I was wondering if I could use shellac to glue the section to the barrel? I don't want the shellac to discolor or be seen from the outside. I don't know if I use shellac if I could heat it up later and remove it without damaging the parts. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations for adhesives?





Secondly, the nib. Is this an early Delta Fusion nib or a full 18k nib? It really looks like it has an 18k inlaid top. I'm pretty sure its full 18k nib but I just wanted another opinion. Either way the seller never stated it as 18K and it feels and writes just like my OMAS Paragon 18k nib, so I'm very happy.






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I'm curious as to how this pen fills. Is it a cartridge/converter filler?

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The Double-8 was a cartridge/converter pen, so why would you want to secure the threads?


If you're talking about sealing the nib unit threads inside the section, the answer is NO. Do not use shellac. You'll never get the nib collar out again without a lathe. Believe me. But if you want to keep the nib unit from unscrewing, or make it so that you don't have to over tighten to get it to stay in place (a valid concern) then use thread sealant. It will keep the nib unit from loosening on it's own, but will release with a little heat.

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