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Central Oklahoma Fountain Pen Enthusiasts

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So I've been active on FPN for a couple months now and have been delving into the world of fountain pens for a bit longer. Over that time I've knowingly interacted exactly one fountain pen using civilian in real life (not counting a couple of antique dealers who have an interest in fountain pens). It was fantastic to talk, however briefly with someone who shared my interest: we ran into each other at an estate sale and looked at/chatted about the Konrad he was carrying and my Reform 1745 (it almost took all of the sting out of the fact that he beat me by a matter of seconds to a box with two Esterbrooks and a handful of Renew Points...almost).


In any event, I think it would nice at some point to touch base with some other fountain pen fans from the Central Oklahoma area and possibly have some sort of informal, face-to-face meetup. The only FPN member from the OKC Metro Area that I've interacted with has been Azariah. I've search the forums/members a bit and have found a couple recently active members from Oklahoma (framos917 and physicsgirl, hi if you're listening!). I though I would start this topic in case it might help draw some folks out of the woodwork. Also, if anyone happens to know of any Oklahoma FPNers or any good ways of finding them (there doesn't seem to be a good way to search by "location" on IP.Board), please do chime in as well.


Thanks for you time everyone.



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Ding, ding, ding!! I live in NW OKC and would love to find other FP lovers. I've been using fps for at least 30 years and never seen anyone with a fountain pen! Please send me a PM (private message). Or you could just email me. I'll respond ASAP.

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I am a FP man. I have been one for 40 years ever since my elementary days in Viet Nam. I am in need of a local service-man for my Montblanc Legrand 146 that I recently dropped and ruined! You guys have any suggestion? Thanks.

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I am a FP man. I have been one for 40 years ever since my elementary days in Viet Nam. I am in need of a local service-man for my Montblanc Legrand 146 that I recently dropped and ruined! You guys have any suggestion? Thanks.

You will need to send it directly to them- unless the only issue is bent nib- but cracks on barrel and such- they do their own stuff- in Dallas.


Selling fountain pens, ink, paper & related items since 1938

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There are FP enthusiasts in the central OK area. Sethk once thought about organizing a meetup, but I don't know what happened as I live outside that area.


Do you know about the Dallas Pen Show which happens in just two weeks? Highly recommended. Go and see lots of FP people, more pens than you've dreamed of, more inks, more journals, etc. There will also be seminars on fountain pen topics. It's lots of fun. Take money, but not more than you can afford.

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Hello, all!


I am VERY interested in a meetup in OKC. We could even meet at someplace simple like Starbucks. Maybe to start, we can decide on a topic and then figure out where to meet?


Let me know your thoughts!

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      Even so, you'd end up with a fragmented list, and it becomes an O(N²) process for each prospective requestor to check what is available: effectively recreate the list of currently active servers (without any reliable up-to-date info upfront about the inks and number of samples on offer in the thread) from the sequential list of posts, which may be spread over two or even more pages, and then query each server independently to check what is currently on offer.   It comes down to not hav
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      If one wanted to do this, one could just use the "About Me" field which appears to be unlimited in size.  And if a bunch of people wanted to cooperate, the Member Title field (or signature) could be used to this end - "Ink Giver" (or some such) could be used by those with inks to give...  No software edits required.
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      I suppose the update issue could be mitigated.  One would post a link in signature, to the particular part of your profile where you list the inks that you're willing to post samples to others, gratis.  But looking at profiles, I suspect that would require an edit to the board's software, potentially a nontrivial task.
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      I read your idea as getting willing givers to publicly register as members of a set of heterogenous servers, in a system in which a client would explicitly select an available server from a list, to which he/she will then send a request privately and asynchronously. Request handling in the system is unmanaged, and individual requests are handled by the targeted servers completely independently on each other. I think the model is fine, although there are some operational concerns you may want to
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      First thought on the method/system of ink sharing: Think the best way, to begin with, is to follow the way of the US thread: offer up a (small) list of inks you are willing to PIF, to whoever expresses interest. Write clearly in the "mission statement" how it works, with a tiny "quid pro quo" that even a struggling student can comply with, i.e. post your opinion and a writing sample, with option of a full review if desired.   So yours truly might say: "I'm offering up samples of D
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