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Hi, hello, everybody

I've decided to come out of lurking to ask for advice about purchasing my first pen, I've selected a few candidates, however I'd like to know if there is anything I may have overlooked. I joined almost a year ago while I was looking for information on the Montblanc Noblesse Oblige and the Chopin, but I decided to sit on it for a little while longer.

If there's anybody who would like to help me make the best decision for my lifestyle, I would greatly appreciate it.

I'm looking for a pen that I would be happy to grow with, a companion for other tools that I cherish, namely a Leica M2; I'd like a pen that comes close to embodying what the M2 represents to me i.e. a classic design in its simplest form -- perhaps designed to outlast its owner. It's a very early M2, as far as Ms go it is stripped of everything: it lacks a traditional shot count, light meter, self-timer, modern loading system, modern rewind, hot shoe etc. What this means to those who are unacquainted, it is sometimes very difficult love in light of more modern, albeit still archaic, Leica cameras.

I'd like to spend $300, however I will extend the budget for the right pen. If it helps, I'm in a somewhat fortunate position to be a university student earning money, whilst still living at home, so I don't pay rent, utilities, or anything other than my own transport and phone bill; being an extra five hundred dollars out of pocket merely means I might not be able to buy nice shoes.

I'd also like to add that the M2 was my first film camera, a year later I bought an M6--has an inbuilt meter--from a limited production. It has all the fancy modern additions, but I don't quite like it--it doesn't speak to me and I've considered selling it.

I'm currently looking at a gold trimmed midnight blue Noblesse Oblige, it feels like it fits the bill: classic, slender design. However I worry for its longevity and its build quality as I have read that its barrel is made of plastic as it belongs to Montblanc's pseudo-budget line of sorts; I believe it is also priced quite high ($300) for such a pen, as I might be able to buy another Montblanc with the same amount of money.
One of the reasons why I do not like the M6 is that it is made of a lighter magnesium alloy, which feels cheap compared to the chromed brass of the M2.

I'm the type of person who enjoys fine things at my own pace, this means that I might enjoy the must have thing from the last century and dress like your grandad... I suppose.
I've been fixated on the Noblesse Oblige for about a year, and I do not want that to steer me in the wrong direction. Could I have possibly overlooked other pens? Thoughts, and or opinions would be appreciated. I would be eternally grateful if somebody would care to help me out in anyway possible.
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That's a wonderfully passionate review of the Lamy 2000, it seems like an equally wonderful pen too. At that price point I see myself adding it to the collection once I begin one, but it doesn't quite satisfy the need for a classic, old-timey, pen, in spite of its heritage.

I also had a look in the direction of a Namiki Custom 74. Thank you for the suggestion, I quite enjoyed the read.

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A Parker 51 Aerometric. About as infallible as a pen can get, considering many are still writing along just fine on their original sacs. You can probably get one of the more 'posh' variants of it on your budget.


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Since the Leica M2 was introduced in 1957, the pen should be of the same period and German, so vintage Pelikan or MB.

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The Good Captain

My first Leica was an M2: a wonderful camera but perhaps without some of the minor refinements of the M3 or M4. OK, some might say that they weren't refinements but 'cosmetic' improvements.

So with that in mind, I'd suggest a Pelikan M215. The metal barrel sleeving gives it a bit more weight than the 200/205 and you could always pay extra for a two-tone gold/rhodium nib but the steel ones that come on the 215 are pretty great. The 215s are black and white metal which would probably fit in with the colours of your M2 unless you have one of the all-black ones of course.

The Good Captain

"Meddler's 'Salamander' - almost as good as the real thing!"

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I think I'd be heading in the right direction with Pelikan, quite a few on Penguin Pen as recommended by risingsun match the M2 in price too! I'm looking to purchase within the week or next, and I hope to have something that'll keep me satisfied for long enough so I don't have the desire to start a collection immediately after buying one. Is there a pen equivalent to GAS (gear acquisition syndrome)? :P

I'm actually a huge fan of how simple the M2 is compared to the M3, M6, etc. Very clean lines.

Pelikan 205s seem quite nice, and I'll be sure to do a bit of research prior to buying one. As far as older Montblanc FPs, would I seriously regret purchasing a Noblesse Oblige rather than any other Montblanc? The Noblesse Oblige seems to speak to me. I haven't studied the used market for very long so I'm not too sure if $300 is a reasonable price for something like that.

Once again, I really appreciate all your help!

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The Montblanc Noblesse is a simply styled pen like the Aurora Hastil, which you might think about.





"Don't hurry, don't worry. It's better to be late at the Golden Gate than to arrive in Hell on time."
--Sign in a bar and grill, Ormond Beach, Florida, 1960.



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Just curious... What colour is your Leica M2?


It's a silver chrome M2! :) I'm a little ashamed to admit it took me a few days to track down a digital camera to take a photo of this. I love film, and haven't touched digital in such a long time.



My M2 sans self-timer with a rather clean 50mm Summitar, coating intact. This is the aesthetic I like, I went out of my way to find one without a self-timer.



A little extra, my 'big M6' with 35mm Summicron ASPH.


The Montblanc Noblesse is a simply styled pen like the Aurora Hastil, which you might think about.





I really like the Aurora Hastil. It is currently a close tie between the Aurora Hastil and the Montblanc Noblesse Oblige. It's actually quite tough to pick one, as I'm also looking at a vintage Pelikan 100N, but I'm very excited to be a part of the community. After showing off the pen (soon), I hope to be a regular here.


It would be near impossible, I believe, to source one locally so I will be buying it based on reviews and hearsay.

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I use a Waterman Hundred Year pen with my Leica IIIG, but that is just I.

Can a calculator understand a cash register?

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Okay, thanks to the fine members of FPN I've officially joined the club! I have my first pen and bottle of ink on their way right now, and I'll have a little show and tell once it arrives. I'm quite excited. :)

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