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(Another) Homo Sapiens Review. User Point Of View


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Knowing that there are many other reviews about first impressions, and tests in depth, I would like to add my general ideas after using this pen regularly for the last 6 months...

I will not go into design, box, looks, etc. I liked them, obviously; otherwise I would not have bought it. I just focus on how it performs as what it is: a writing instrument.

The excellent. (As in top of the class).

Most intriguing feature that outperforms my expectations, is the material. That lava thingy. It is in feel and durability like a basaltic rock, yet very light.


Here you find the pen along a rock for massages. Not only the color is similar, the texture also is. Why does it matter? Because I have found it un-chippable, unscratchable, un-crackable. It can fall to the floor, and it will not show even a point. You can wear it in the jeans' back pocket and even if you sit on it, it will not bend or crack. I can't praise enough the engineers who came up with this material and I am actually finding myself thinking of many other uses for a material with these qualities. A subjective point would be the need of a bulletproof pen, but for a careless person such as me, it is reassuring to know that I don't need to think too much about its physical care...


Second extraordinary thing: Its nib.


The point it is not if it's buttery, smooth,, flexy or whatnot. The pen comes with a lame phrase like "don't push, the nib will follow your dreams" or something like that... Well. It's true. From all the pens I have used in my life, this one is the most adaptable to any paper. Even papers that other nibs can't perform, like slightly waxed paper, this one can (with the right ink). The nib doesn't care is the paper is super-rough, if it is absorbent, or if it is glossy. It will write there, evenly and without any hiccups. Just for curiosity, I bought it with an F nib, which is not as thin as others, but not a full medium.



Both previous qualities makes the pen an amazing powerhorse. This is a pen you can take mountain climbing and writing the memories of it in a paper napkin at the top.


Average qualities

The closing mechanism


Very praised, the HS comes with a short screwing thanks to a greca pattern. It allows to be unscrewed and screwed fast with one hand. Although it is commendable the innovation, I personally don't find it neither safer nor more convenient as a good "click" mechanism, and it actually comes with a prize, that I will comment later.



The clip

Another idea of visconti, it is an arc with a mechanism that allows to fix the pen to most things. But because it has no hook under the clip, it makes it super-easy to be stolen. Yes, it fastens on the cloth, but as easy is to take it out, that I can't allow myself to take it so reachable to others. Not such an important thing, but if your idea does not actually improve the existing designs, keep it simple.


The lacking (As in "I've seen better")


Writing comfort

The greca pattern of the locking mechanism is in the way for the middle finger. It does not make it uncomfortable, but it is noticeable in long writing sessions. It will not http://s22.postimg.org/a1lqvc329/23_Kt_PALLADIUM_Nib800_close.jpg

break your finger or mark you, but many other pens outperform this one in finger comfort when writing a lot. I have to hold it differently and rest the pen by the brass ring, which, again, is not perfectly comfortable.



The ink management

The pen uses a vaccuum filling mechanism, and that is all good and dandy. But be aware that you fill this pen blindly. You have no idea how much ink did you put in, and after a couple of days, how much is left. So to be safe you should empty and refill before any important writing day, such as an exam or a weekend trip. Once again, it's not so bad, but indeed improveable.


The veredict

Would I buy this pen again? Absolutely yes. Disregard the design and other secondary things. With its resiliance and all-terrain nib, this is a commando of a pen which is asking for action, take it out of the house, whatever you are dressing, and use it and use it.


I would recommend it to...


Anyone with experience and adaptability to finger positions in writing, and who are comfortable about filling it more often than needed. For those who disregard silky care of the pen, this is The One. It's as hard as you.


I would not recommend it to...


Students, who need to take notes for many hours and use a lot of ink in one session. I would also be concerned about people starting using FP with this one, because they would probably hold it too down, to avoid the pattern, and write with the fingers, not the arm.





“Of the gladdest moments in human life, methinks, is the departure upon a distant journey into unknown lands. Shaking off with one mighty effort the fetters of Habit, the leaden weight of Routine, the cloak of many Cares and the slavery of Civilization, man feels once more happy.” - Sir Richard. F. Burton


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Aesthetically this is one if the most beautiful pens I've seen in a while. But after trying a palladium EF nib on a different Visconti model I can say that this would be too wet and wide for me. And then there's this strange filling system and no way to tell your ink level.

If they made it with a gold nib (or even decent steel) and as a c/c filler...

I try to like this brand and Dante Del Vecchio is a real pleasure to deal with...but it seems all of their pens have some shortcomings (at least in my eyes).

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Absolutely great review (and nice photography--first picture is very nicely done and very classy).


My experience with the HS is very similar to yours. One area that I've found interesting is the bronze will quickly start showing it's "age." For some, that's not a bad thing as the pen takes on its own character, but for some others, I think they will spend a lot of time with a polishing cloth to keep the pen looking new.


I'm still in the hunt for the perfect ink with this nib. I think I need a ink that is dryer than the ones I'm using to get the true feel of this masterpiece in my hands.



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Nice review. Beautiful pen, mesmerising even. But like your said, I can't understand the grip (and in general, I can't understand why pen companies keep making pen with small grips.)

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free 70 pages graphic novel. Enjoy!

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