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Looking For Information About This Notebook


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I picked up a small pocket notebook at a yard sale earlier this month. On the cover is:



Efficiency Line

No. 655

I have searched and searched, and cannot find anything on this type of notebook or brand. It is 6 3/4″ x 3 3/4″, sturdy, flexible cover, 57 sheets (114 pages) with one or two pages in the front ripped off. The edges of the notebook are rounded–an elegant touch in a utilitarian notebook. The paper is ruled w/margin on top, faint blue lines and pretty heavy. It was a cream or white originally, and has a yellowish-ivory tinge now. The binding is stitched, not stapled. The paper feels good to the touch–I don’t know how old the notebook is but it is certainly ready for use.



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yeah, I get a feeling this thing is vintage. I've started decluttering my grandparents' household, and since my grandad spent much of his life until just 2-3 years before his death working as a translator and the remainder writing down his memories for us, we're still finding a fair amount of stationery and paper supplies, so the way vintage stuff looks is pretty fresh in my mind right now. This looks like it. Sorry! If the paper's nice I hope you find a nice big stash because it does look fantastic!

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I'm not affiliated with ANY of the brands/retailers/shops/ebay sellers/whatever I mention or recommend. If that ever changes, I will let you know :)


Looking for a cheap Pilot VP/Capless - willing to put up with lots of cosmetic damage.

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