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Hero's Safari Clone


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The Hero pen is most definitely a 'copy'. The only design feature of difference is the barrel, has one flat, where the Lamy has 2.


It hasn't stopped me from buying more Lamy pens, in fact I think I've bought more.... (must have more to compare...)


The Jinhao pen comes in both metal and plastic and is more of a design 'inspired by' the Lamy. The Jinhao plastic pen is made from a more brittle plastic (it really shows on my clear blue) and comes with a more conventional nib setup, either an open nib or the Chinese style hooded, but not a Lamy slide on nib. The metal one has a very similar arrangement to the Lamy where the nib slides onto the nib.


To the Chinese mfg credit, they have been flawless out of the package. The only problem I ran into is my clear blue Jinhao, the nib holder came loose and the clear plastic has small 'stress' cracks near the clip. These showed up after several weeks of use, and after epoxying the holder back the pen writes flawlessly. Jinhao and Hero need to apply the same quality to pens that aren't 'inspired by or a copy' of another design, they likely could become a real player instead of just a maker of cheap knock about pens.

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