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Repairing My Badly Broken Lammy Safari


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hello friends,

In effort of making Lamy more smooth and darker I broke my lamy pen beyond its limit and then I became sad and repaired it, check out images, basically I broke the feed of lamy safari completely so please look at images and post your suggetions/comments too.( I am using original lamy ink )


IMAGE 1 - broken Lamy.

IMAGE 2 - Tools needed

- flat surface is needed

- Dont use magic glue it wont work for long, I tried that too.

- blow some hot air so that moisture or any ink/water will go.

- A small filer tool and sharp pointed thin blade / surgical blade will also be needed to remove the extra glue after joint get dried

IMAGE 3 - Repairing


Process -

- take out every part and put them in hot water for 10 minutes or so.

- clean out parts by taking out of water with brush so that the feed will get completely from any type of small particles which can cause choking.

- take out of water and then clean with dry cloth and then put hot air and let them dry.

- ready the glue and then put the glue with pointed tool like a pin or anything because using pointing pin wont put too much of glue.

- join the parts and calibrate them on flat surface and see the calibration with eyepiece because you dont want a imbalanced fed which will never fit again inside.

- let the joint dry under air for 3,4 hours depends on the glue , I prefer overnight , after 10-15 minutes you can put some hot air if you like.

- then clean the lines of feed with pointed tool ( use injection syringe needle because it is hollow and pointed it took the extra glue in its hole) because at joints the glue is choking the drain and you have to clean the drain else pen wont work.

- reassemble the pen and it will work.


This is my second attempt to repair this pen.

First attempt worked but not for long because I used Super fast glue and that didnt hold it for long so I have to use this glue.




Post your suggestions for lamy , I am new to lamy but using all types of pens mostly local brands and few other from very beginning. :-)






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Or you could have contacted Lamy and purchased the part you needed.... they have all the spare part available and not expensive either

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ok, thanks for suggestion , I tried to Stick plastic part together but none glue is working and not giving proper strength to joints, so I am looking for that spare part and ordering it. ;-)

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