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Nib Material Of Noblesse Oblige


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Hi All


Been a member for a while but this is my first post here.


By chance I found this pen on ebay. I saw there is nib plating loss even though the nib was engraved "585". I always think engraving "585" means solid 14K gold instead of "14K gold plated".


Can anyone please correct me if I am wrong?


Thank you.


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It looks to me as though the nib is just covered in some ink residue, and, if 585 14k, should clean off and polish up nicely. As far as I am aware, Mont Blanc don't gold-plate nibs, only the gold fittings (I.e the clip and bands). Lovely pen though!


It really is a slippery slope, this pen business :lol:

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yes, 14kt or 585 means solid gold ...Noblesse Oblige pens always have solid gold nibs.



... in the past, MB also had pens with gold-plated steel nibs. But these are pens from the 50ties to 70ties ...



www.fountainpen.de - the website for Montblanc and Astoria collectors



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