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Incompetance Causes Cnc

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Don't be afraid of trying nickel silver. Just pick the right alloy and don't try to go too deep. OK, so which alloy? Try what's called leaded nickel silver (C792) as it machines like 360 brass. You could also try the more conventional alloys like C752 but you just need to be careful.


4D operating at once can be used to make diagonal teardrop patterns on a cylinder. The teardrop shape being generated by changes in Z (depth) while simultaneously moving X and Y and rotating. It's a very pretty effect.


Nice toy!




Classic Guilloché ------------ www.argentblue.com ------------Damascus Steel

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I have been having problems with what I thought was the tool working its way out of the collet. It appears I was wrong. Electrical interference from the spindle has been triggering the Z axis stepper motor to step. The slower the spindle, the faster the Z axis lowered. It appears I shall have to use shielded cable for the spindle & stepper motors. Oh what fun.





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