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Utensil Size/weight Affinities?

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Hello everyone! This is probably going to be somewhat silly, but here goes:


I was picking out my fork for dinner the other night and it crossed my mind that perhaps my preference for a small-medium lightweight fork might have a parallel in the other things I use. I've only played billiards several times in my life, but I found that I was much more comfortable with a shorter cue stick (which drew some stares) when it was available . With my fountain pens, I prefer them to be light and medium sized, agile, kinda like the fork and short cue stick.


So what I'm wondering is, does anyone else find that their preferences in pen size/weight (if any) seem to correspond with their size/weight affinities for other implements? Or not at all?

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I have large hands for a woman (I'm only a tad shorter than US average male, so naturally hands are larger than an average woman as well). My violin is slightly oversized compared to the average.


I also like longer, heavier pens (although not necessarily thicker). I'm LeGrand size in MB speak, but my mother (who has about the same size hands as Frederic Chopin) cannot use my pen without experiencing fatigue, as it is far too big. She prefers the Chopin model.


I also have a penchant for longer knives, but lightweight.

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My pen preferences don't seem to parallel the qualities of other implements I use. My favorite long haul pen is a WWII vintage Sheaffer Valiant. It is light weight, has good balance, and has a larger than average grip.


I like my guns to be long and heavy.


My knives are heavy and balance about a quarter of the way down the haft.


My favorite long haul canoe paddle has a broad Kevlar blade, is bent at the throat, and has nose to throat length. My otter tail paddle is much longer and heavier, but that doesn't matter because I rarely lift it out of the water.


My garden hoe is much longer than standard. From blade to the end of the handle, it measures 6 feet.


I use a bearded ax that is only a little longer than a hatchet.


I don't see a pattern in all this.


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I guess I'm a fairly small person in general, and a lot of the things I use are smaller and lighter. I prefer small lightweight pens, and I never have to (or ever had) post any of my pens including my Stipula Passaporto and Sailor Professional Gear slim mini. Utensil-wise, I tend to use fairly normal-size silverware, as the smaller ones can get cumbersome. While I may pick utensils that are on the smaller-size of normal if they are available, I'm not really picky with that.



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