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Hero 3106B - Any Reviews?

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I just bought a set of 4 Hero 3106Bs from Ebay (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lot-4-HERO-3106B-Fountain-Pen-Extra-Fine-Nib-Hooded-Nibs-Cartoon-Students-Pens-/180932388777?hash=item2a206927a9). (They were cheap, what can I say.)


I had previously searched both Google and FPN for any information or reviews regarding this specific pen model, but didn't come across anything. Most places only carry the Hero 100, 616, etc.


Does anyone have any experience with these pens? They are billed as being for students, but I don't know if that's because of the color scheme, or the funny indents in the barrel.


Current Wishlist:

Visconti, Visconti, and...more Visconti! (And some ST Duponts too). (Ok fine, getting on the Omas and Montblanc trains now too. Toot toot.) (And maybe on the Montegrappa one too, but only for the Miyas.)

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There are thousands of Chinese Pens & it's difficult to keep up with the explosion of new models.


StrawberryJam, I suspect you may well be one of the first to have got one & want a review. Maybe you could do the review yourself & fill the gap for people in the future.





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