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What Do I Call These Laureats?


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I'm thinking about letting go of this Laureat fp/bp set, but hesitate because I've never bothered to figure out what the color or model series is called. Kirkel has them pictured, but no name. I've seen them only one other place - a French sales catalog - where they were identified as South Seas Marble. I have a similar one in red (fountain pen only).


Translucent section and blind cap, chrome trim, compass rose on caps. Does anyone know who they are?



Are they rare? Are they collectible or just another of the many nice Laureat colors?




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I would call them, nice and valuable.


The red models sell fo a good price and I have never seen the blue or for that matter a blue set.


They are from the later series denoted by the rounded clip top.

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In that case I'll keep them. But I'd still like to know what to call them.

They'll probably stay unused.

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