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Handy Gadget For Removing Unperforated Pages (With Images)


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Hello FPN,
This post is just to show you a little tool I use to make my life easier.
You see, I love little 5.5’’x8.5’’ notebooks (the one in the photos is an Apica CD-11). The problem is, I take very few notes and thus almost never fill those I use in school. While I like to save my old notes, I don’t like them in my repurposed notebooks o’ personal stuff, but tearing pages out of staple- or stitchbound notebooks can be risky. Nobody wants to lose pages from the back when tearing from the front.
Enter my solution. I was in a craft store one day, when I happened to look into the clearance bin and noticed a Scotch brand wrapping paper cutter.
They run a couple of bucks each.
It slices the paper in a nice, clean line--cleaner than multiple scissors-snips--and is safe to keep in my purse. I just slip the tongue under the offending page, and the cutter glides up parallel to the binding.
The cut edge makes a good marker for a margin, too.
I hope this tip is helpful!


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Great tip! Thanks a lot. This looks like to an answer to my similar issue.

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Oh thanks - I shall be getting one. I usually take a huge sharp knife to mine, and often mar the page underneath. For this, take the rest of the day off on full pay.

Sincerely, beak.


God does not work in mysterious ways – he works in ways that are indistinguishable from his non-existence.

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My wife uses one of those for cutting gift wrapping paper and really loves them! Thanks for the tip!

BTW, isn't that Apica paper great!

Ken McDaniel


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Levenger makes sheet cutters that are about the size of a half dollar (or slightly smaller), work real well. Problem is for two is it like $19.



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The 3M cutter is available here in Australia. We have been using it to cut gift wrap for quite a few years - never thought of this application. Thanks for the tip.

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OMG, I can't believe I finally found this again!! First time I read this was when you first posted it, but at the time I didn't really need to be able to take pages out like that, so I didn't mark the thread or anything. Then lately I started to need that and remembered this thread, but couldn't find it anywhere! And I couldn't even search for it because I couldn't come up with keywords that were specific enough :-/ So I gave up. But suddenly there it was at the bottom of another thread, where it says 'also tagged with one or more of these keywords' :-) So glad I found it!


Anyway in the meantime I did find something that works in a similar way, so I thought I'd post it here to give back a little :P It's an EkSuccess/K&Company product from their Smash line, and they call it a paper cutter.


I think the scotch version is probably nicer: it has more exposed blade than the Smash thing, which has none - all of the blade is tucked away out of sight and so it doesn't make as clean a cut on thicker paper (think photos). Sometimes it even feels like there might be small bits of paper getting caught in there and gumming up the works lol - like shreds or whatever - but because it's all closed up there's nothing to be done about it. The scotch version might also be easier to store because of the shape - longer but thin, more like a pen, whereas the Smash cutter is sort of squat and wide. Anyway, I guess that part mostly depends on how you like to store your pen and paper paraphernalia :-)


On the plus side, the Smash version might be easier to get ahold of, especially if you're not in the US/Canada. Just on ebay there's three or four with cheap shipping to europe, and the product line if not the specific item is available on pretty much every craft website I've visited in the past couple of years. And it's cheap if you get it from the brand website as well - they do a lot of discounts as well - whereas for the Scotch version the cheapest one I found on ebay costs about $11.60 including shipping :P


But thanks dorothy - I think I'll get the scotch too if I can find it cheaper, I can't resist comparing and the Smash does feel a little blunt after I used it to cut several dozen photos :P

I'm not affiliated with ANY of the brands/retailers/shops/ebay sellers/whatever I mention or recommend. If that ever changes, I will let you know :)


Looking for a cheap Pilot VP/Capless - willing to put up with lots of cosmetic damage.

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I use one of these little tools, just run it down a ruler and it put perforations in any paper.





I've seen this before, and was actually dithering about getting it to put some perforated pages (moleskine cahier style) in every notebook. The main thing stopping me is that I don't know if it might pierce the paper underneath the one I'm working on. Also, does it work with a plain plastic ruler, or would it hack into that like craft blades?


Most paper trimmers let you swap the cutting cartridge for one that perforates, but it only works with loose sheets. I like this because it would work in a notebook.

I'm not affiliated with ANY of the brands/retailers/shops/ebay sellers/whatever I mention or recommend. If that ever changes, I will let you know :)


Looking for a cheap Pilot VP/Capless - willing to put up with lots of cosmetic damage.

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