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Hero 50 Review

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the set looks nice, i've seen it on ebay. i hope they write better than my Wing Sung 500 -Hero's sibling. thx for the review!


let me edit this: my WS writes well, but the nib dries very quickly!

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I have one of these in dark blue from the same source -- $7.50 postpaid in quantities of one. I find this a very interesting pen. It looks like some Waterman's I have. I would describe it as more understated than utilitarian. Usually Hero copies old Parkers, so this semi-Waterman is unusual. There are more surprises inside. The converter looks like it came from a Sheaffer, but the pen actually takes Parker ink cartridges -- most unusual -- a Chinese pen that does not LOOK like a Parker but uses Parker cartridges! Perhaps that will help with the reported low ink capacity of the converter (though I am surprised at that as it looks larger than most). Right now it has a cartidge in it that was designed for Lamy pens. Though that is possible, I don't recommend it as the cartridge is a force fit and the pen has difficulty piercing it.


Fit and finish on this pen are much better than some cheaper Heros I have seen. It looks classier to me than some of the more over-the-top Chinese pens that look expensive from afar but very chintzy up close. Like most of the extra-fine Hero nibs, I find this one too scratchy for normal writing.

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