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The Real Estie Nib?


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Is it really an Esterbrook nib or is it a QA issue?
I would like comments from anyone having purchased an Esterbrook nib that had its tip ground to resemble a block sheave - )( - front to back and/or has asymmetrical shoulders/tip material. Two nibs (2556 and 1461) had material scalloped out from the center of the tip but not matching the shoulder curve. I lost the tip material trying to remove the problem of severe scratching caused by the grind marks -- ended with two good working (Fine?) cursives. Before these problamatic nibs, I had purchased my first SJ with a very good 2668. This nib was made in the US and from the get-go laid ink almost perfectly. A little polishing and so smooth (was like butter but roughed it cause I like some read) one could write effortlessly all day.
I have included a couple pics each of the 2668 and the two working cursives for comparison. Unable to provide a macro of the 2668's tip profile with avail cam, but viewers should be able to notice it does not have a - )( - shape. Eventually I may reposition this NOS nib in its collar but it's been boxed some time now. The uneven tip seen face side (E2668.1) was taken care of.
I currrently have no Fine nibs to compare the cursives with. I made very rough measurements of the stroke width (0.5mm) from the 2556 using a 10X and a finely etched ruler. Not sure where I will purchase my next nib(s), but I seriously doubt it will again be the internet monster vendor machine unless someone in FPN can vet the posting seller. Hopefully I will find a couple of good Fine nibs so I can post writing samples from these "customized" nibs.
E2668.1 - Demo good shoulder/tip symmetry - no sheave shape.
E2668.2 - Good tip material shape.
E1461.1 - Bad tip portion ground down - slightly wide tip for a Fine but now symmetrical with shoulder curve.
E1461.2 - Tip also beveled in, shaping foot into a ~Fine cursive.
E2556.1 - Tip shaped to match shoulder curve.
E2556.2 - Cursive with sufficient material for wear.








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