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His Nibs.com Update -- Monteverde Retirements And Re-Stocking From China

His Nibs

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HisNibs.com update -- Re-stocking from China

Greetings all,

As it does periodically, Monteverde is retiring some pens to make way for
new models. Unfortunately, two of my personal favorites are being effected,
the Regatta and the Prima, and I question the wisdom of the decision.

We've also just received a large re-stocking of models from China. A few of
our favorites were not available this time, but the vast majority were.

I'll only mention a couple of the models in this newsletter, but please just
go to the homepage http://www.hisnibs.com to see them all listed as 'back in

As this newsletter goes out to a mailing list of thousands of customers,
please understand if there's a delay in answering your email queries or
orders after one of these is sent. We will respond in order received and as
soon as possible!

Join us on our Facebook HisNibs.com fan page which can be reached directly
at https://www.facebook.com/HisNibs1. Come join us for what has become a
lively meeting place for news about pens, ink and handwriting.

On the blog...Gorilla reunion

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~in this issue
* Monteverde Regatta line retired
* Monteverde Prima selection reduced
* Jinhao Wooden Chariot
* Hero 616 series
* Duke '2009'
* Picasso Candle Flame
* Jinhao Black Dreadnaught
* Black leather 48-pen case
* Baoer 8-Horse series
* 'His Nibs' page on Facebook
* On the blog...Gorilla reunion

Monteverde Regatta line retired


Why Monteverde has decided to retire the magnetic-capped Regatta is beyond
me. Even if sales have leveled off at this point, the innovative magnetic
cap (which provides the ease of a slip cap and the security of a screw cap)
should argue for its continuance.

The Black/Black version has totally sold out, but I've just laid in a final
supply of the Chrome/Black and the White/Blue fountain pens, so jump now if
want to add one of these really neat pens to your collection.

"Norman, I have received the new pen and ink, and am thoroughly delighted.
My handwriting still stinks though. This is a wonderful pen and I look
forward to writing with it more and more over the years...Maybe I will even
get a few more nibs to go with it!"
B. C., Athens, GA

"My pens arrived today! I LOVE them both. I remember that you said the
F nibs were like an extra fine, but both of these pens are perfect for me!
The Invincia (which is much better looking in person-the finish is very
luminous) is slightly finer than the Regatta, but I think these will both be
daily writers. I love how heavy they both are, and the magnetic closure on
the Regatta is very nice. Wonderful pens at a terrific price!"
T. D., Anna, TX

"Dear Norman: My Monteverde Regatta chrome and black fountain pen
arrived today, as did the Private Reserve Purple Mojo bottles. I am
absolutely delighted, and although I have only written a couple of sentences
with it, I
am confident I am going to love it as much as I did my Mont Blanc Ramses II
predecessor. So back into the real art of penmanship again - whoopee. thank
E. L., New Zealand

"Hello Mr.Haase, i just got my pen today and it's awesome, it writes so
smooth. I just want to thank you for the great review on Youtube, and the
customer service."
W. A., New York, NY

"The "Monteverde Regatta" as breath taking as a sail catching wind in
the Caribbean. Writes with a strong line and holds it's course well."
V. B., Naples, FL

Read more here...

Monteverde Prima offerings reduced

Although the Prima still seems to be 'hanging around' (and probably my
personal favorite of Monteverde's current line-up, for what that's worth),
a number of the colors/pattterns have been retired.

The Black is gone. However, Monteverde found two each of the Brown Stripes,
Blue Stripes and Brown Swirl to send to me. I had previously listed the
first two as 'permanently retired', so am glad to receive these...but I'll
have to post that same description again. Act fast if you're interested.

"Hi Norman. Just wanted to give a big thank you as the green Prima came this
morning. Love it! I saw this pen when it first came out and was immediately
struck by the luminous green, as I have an excellent collection of 1920s OS
jade Sheaffer Flat=Tops. You tuned the nib perfectly, and I mean perfectly.
I like them extra-fine and pretty dry, and this F nib completely fills the
bill. This one will become a daily user. I also appreciate your kind and
personal note that you put in with it. That makes dealing with you a
pleasure, and makes me feel like an individual. The website is also very
personal, and is one of the best on the web---if not THE best. Thank you x
100 for another excellent purchasing experience. I hope your business
multiplies greatly. Others can take lessons from you."
S. D., Luthrerville MD

"Dear Norman, I have just received the pen and it is superb! The nib is
wonderful and a delight to write with. Thank you so much for your frank
and excellent advice. I have told my wife that I am thinking of buying
of these wonderful pens with the outstanding stub nib! Warmest regards
and I am going to buy the Monteverde turquoise ink for all my official
signature work."
G. A., New York, NY

"Mr. Haase, I received my Monteverde Prima yesterday and got it cleaned up
as you instructed and filled with ink and then put pen to paper. I love it.
It writes great and keeps up with the pace I write at nicely. Every once in
a while it has a little trouble starting But that could be my fault and it
isn't a problem really at all. I have been writing different things with it
all morning. I also wanted to thank you for the prompt responses to my
questions, the quick delivery of the pen, and the personal note. That type
of customer service goes a long way with me and you can bet I will be
ordering again very soon. Merry Christmas!"
A. C., Odessa, MO

Many more testimonial here:

Jinhao Wooden Chariot


"I received the Jin Hao Wooden Chariot, and Dancing Dragons today. They are
truly works of art as well as reliable smooth- writing pens that actually
write better than many of my expensive European models. Thanks for your kind
attention, first class service and the hand written note. I look forward to
purchasing more pens from you in the near future."
K. G., Columbus, OH

See more photos here... -

Hero 616 series


"Dear Norman, thank you for drawing my attention to the new 'old model' Hero
329s. I would like to order one in dark green, and I would be grateful, if
you could send me a PayPal invoice. The 616 arrived two weeks ago. What did
you do to the nib? It is very smooth and lays down a slightly thicker line
than my other 616s. That's perfect for me. At the moment I use it more often
than my Parker 51s where the medium nib tends to be a little too broad for
my hand-writing. This is more than just a simple knock-off. In terms of
balance, reliability and design it is an exceptionally good pen in its own
right. If the old 329 is similar than I will be very happy. Thank you for
going to all that trouble for such 'cheap' pens! I have many more expensive
ones in my collection, but I do not have the same fun in using them. With
thanks and warm regards",
C. S., Tübingen, Germany

"Hello Norman, Just to let you know that the Hero 616s arrived a few weeks
ago, and I've been using them since then. I couldn't be happier with the
way they write. The fine point is just what I wanted and it writes
beautifully. These pens are absolutely amazing value and your service was
excellent. Thank you."
M. D. S., Australia

"Norman: Received the Hero 616 and Pilot 78G today. Must say they're
great--properly tuned and ready to go to work! The 616 writes just like my
beloved Parker 51 Flighter (I'll use it for travel since the Flighter has
become to valuable to lose). The Pilot with the F nib is perfect for my
research notebooks (where I tend to write with very small handwriting).
Thanks! Fine pens and great service. Have a great day!"
M. D., West Jordan, UT

"Hi Norman, I received my 616 yesterday. I wrote about twelve pages with it
last night and I'm very pleased - as far as I'm concerned the nib is
perfect. I don't remember exactly where I saw your site recommended, but I'm
glad I did! I'll certainly order again from you in the future."
J. C., Chattanooga, TN

Read more here... -

Duke '2009'


"...the Duke 'Niner (nee Charlie Chaplin) arrived today and all I can say is
OMG! I feel like one of my many nieces when their hair does exactly what
they want it to. This thing is so bitching, Norm...And I must say that your
"tune-up" has revealed to this poor scribe what a FP is actually supposed to
write like. I thought my Sheaffer was all that and a bag o' chips, but the
'Niner beats it hands down. I don't know what you did, but Norm you've got
to tell me, because I've got a dozen FPs that don't work quite right and I
must get them working at least in the neighborhood of this one."
M. H., Salt Lake City, UT

See more here... -

Picasso Candle Flame


"Norman, hope this email finds you well. I enjoy the Picasso Candle Flame
pen a bunch-I'm sure it has a lot to do with your nib prep but it writes
smoother than any Pen I own. I'm requesting 2 more. Thanks."
R.F., N. Andover, MA

"Dear Mr. Haase, thanks so much - I received my "Candle Flame" pen today.
It's a real beauty. I usually like to try out a pen in the shop, so I
wasn't sure how much to expect from one I bought online. I'm glad to report
it writes wonderfully and feels great in my hand. I'll be keeping an eye on
your website for new pens. You have a bunch of other interesting models,
but it looks like they sell out pretty quickly - I'll have to stay on my
toes. Thanks again and all the best!"
J. K., Berkeley, CA

Read more here... -

Jinhao Black Dreadnaught


"Norman -- Thanks for continuing to send the updates. This time it reminded
me that I had been meaning to write and tell you how much I've enjoyed the
pens gotten from you. That "dreadnaught" is one heckuva pen! Probably the
bulkiest pen I own at this moment. I had to find a special pen case to carry
it around since it wouldn't fit into the one I normally carry. Even at that
size, I find I enjoy it and tend to carry it most days, filled with Waterman
purple. The nib is amazingly smooth and always starts right up; the line
definitely leans toward the broad side of medium, which I very much prefer."
J. T., Marietta, GA

"The Dreadnaught FP arrived today . . . it's perfect! The wide girth, nice
center of gravity (even when posted), and smooth-writing medium-to-broad
(always my preference!) nib makes it my favorite writing instrument. It's
every bit as good-if not even better-as you-know-who. . . I might have to
purchase another color to have two in my collection. Definitely a superior
C. H., Twinsburg, OH

"Hi, Norman, My new Jinhao Black Dreadnaught arrived today. I was so eager
to try it, I dipped the nib in ink and wrote with it before even following
your washing instructions. Afterwards, I washed it. It fits well in my
hand. I very much like the size and weight of the pen. Also, the nib
glided over paper smoothly. I was too late to order it the first time you
stocked it -- my bad. I am happy you brought it back, and that I bought it
this time. Happily Writing,"
R. D., Melbourne, FL

More photos here... -

Black leather 48-pen case


More pen cases here... -

Baoer 8-Horse series


"I received the inks and the surprise pen last Monday, which would have been
October 1st. I absolutely love the Baoer 8 Horses pen. It writes like a
dream and moves across the page so quickly I have to make sure I don't end
up scribbling words that don't exist! It's filled with the Private Reserve
Velvet Black and I love the ink. I knew I needed black, but I didn't know I
would enjoy it so much. Who knew such a 'boring' color could be so much fun
to use...I still can't believe how a pen could float across a page. I
almost feel guilty that I want to use it more than the other two I have. It
might be new pen addiction, but honestly, the pen is simply amazing."
K. B., Etna, CA

"Thanks Norman for the prompt shipping and careful packaging! I already had
one of these "8 horses" pens and it is indeed a challenge to count all 8!
It's a great pen and one that I could afford to give as gifts to friends who
feel they cannot afford a good fountain pen. This one writes better than my
vintage mabie-todd."
C. F., Dallas, TX

"Hi Norman, I'm gonna rave about the Baoer 8 Horses that came today. It is
the smoothest nib I have ever used! That includes many $100-200 pens in my
collection. Nobody is going to believe that this is a $20 pen. The brass
construction gives it a solid feel, and it balances perfectly in my hand
even when posted. I have the bronze finish, and am running Pelikan
Brilliant Brown - makes for a nice combination!"
T. T., Ann Arbor, MI

More photos here... -

'His Nibs' page on Facebook

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ink, handwriting and more!

Click here to visit our Facebook page - http://facebook.com/hisnibs1

On the blog...Gorilla reunion

A video showing a former 'keeper' being reunited with a his gorilla charge,
back in the wild.

See the May 13th entry here... -


Norman Haase
His Nibs.com




Norman Haase

His Nibs.com


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HisNibs1

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