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Daily Writing Semiflex


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I'm saving up to purchase a daily writing semiflex.


Characteristics I'm looking for:


  • must be able to take converters and cartridges. I can live with a piston filler, but it has to be easy to flush out. : )
  • semi flex nib that's responsive to pressure. I don't plan on doing large and elaborate Spencerian font, but I like to add little flourishes of line variation to my daily handwriting. The range of flex I'm looking for is fine to medium.
  • Gold nib is preferable (in case I want to send the pen to be customized by Mottishaw or other well known nib meisters)
  • price range between $0 and $120
  • nib should be at least as smooth as an unflexed Noodler's Ahab
  • unflexed the nib should be no thicker than a western fine or japanese medium

This will be the last pen purchase I make until I finish college and find a job I'm happy with. (Essentially, this pen is going to not only be a daily workhorse, but a promise to myself to work hard and find a living that allows me leave the world a better place than I found it. Maybe an economics researcher? I dream a lot. :rolleyes: )



Some pens I've been looking at:


  • Namiki Falcon, soft medium nib
  • Pilot Namiki Custom 74 soft-fine-medium

Bo Bo Olson was kind enough to recommend me the Pelikan 140 and Geha 790, but I didn't find any flexy nibs that write fine when unflexed.


I know I am posting this in the Japanese pen forum but recommendations of pens from other regions are welcome.



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I suggest go vintage, but since it is semi-flex you're looking for a Falcon on the high end or a noodlers on the low end.


I have a Noodlers Ahab already and it is a fantastic pen, and that's not just for the price.


I'm wondering if the Falcon or other contemporary flex or semi-flex pens offer more precise control over line variation. For instance, my Ahab delivers all the flex I want but it doesn't gracefully spring back into a thin line. This could be due to the ink I'm using (Lexington Gray).

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