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Modern Steel Nib Interchangeabilities


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I've noticed a number of people asking about compatible nibs for their replacement needs. I may be able to help a little with the modern steel nib pens with this post.



From left to right are: Reflex, JIF, Pro Graduate, Graduate, Graduate Color, Allure, Apostrophe, Harmonie, Laureat CT, Laureat GT, Expert II. I should have included a JIF Metal but didn't (mine is still sealed in its package); it is the same as the JIF but GT.



The Reflex was hiding when I took this one.



I left out the Grad Color and one of the Laureats. You can see a pattern. The only oddball is the Pro Grad. I understand it is an older model superseded by the Grad Color/ Allure/Apostrophe group.




There were similar contemporary models that were not compatible including:

Forum, Centurion, Maestro, Early Laureat are compatible with each other. They are identified by the solid smooth feed.

The Ici et La has a feed and nib that look a lot like the pictures above, but is smaller.


I'll try to add the other models soon.




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Thanks for these pics.


Very useful.





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Are there any 14K or 18K nibs that will fit the feeds? I like the design and feel of the Expert II and would like to upgrade the nib.

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The Exclusive/Executive type nib will fit these just fine, but they look small on the broader pens.


The Hemisphere, Preface and Charleston all use the same feed/nib shape. I've tried Preface nibs on just about everything. If I remember right, the feeds don't fit the Expert II style section, and I prefer to keep the nib with the feed.


Or you could just get a 5mm gold nib and adjust it to fit the Expert feed.

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I just looked at my Harley Davidson Combustion (the one that comes in a headlamp) and found that it also has the same feed and nib, albeit with a Harley logo.

The other two Harley models, the Freewheel (Kultur) and Horizon (comes in a fuel tank), use a Kultur feed and nib with the Harley logo.

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I have used some Expert nibs in Laureat where the nibs were corroded, and I have used some #2 or #3 Sheaffer or Waterman 14K nibs from donor pens in Laureat in lieu of corroded original nibs. Using what I had.

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