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Family Heirloom Info Requested


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My wife's father passed just about 25 years ago. In a box of 'stuff' that one of his daughters kept, this pen turned up.


(see below for images)


I took it apart, replaced the sac, and put it into working order. It is priceless to my wife; being able to hold the same pen that her father used working a milk truck delivery route in Pittsburgh, Pa in the pre-WW-II time frame is very special to her.


I seek a little more information. From research I have done, I have determined that it is a jade Lifetime Flat Top White Dot. According to an article on Pen Trace that I found, the clip puts it sometime after 1922. The white dot puts it sometime after 1923, the serial number on the nib (0396277) puts it sometime after 1926. My best guess is that it is circa 1928, give or take a year either way.


I tried to get a picture of the inscription on the barrel, but failed to produce anything I can post. The inscription reads:


W. A. Sheaffer Co.

Pat AUG 25 08 Fort Madison, Iowa USA

DEC 10.12 - JAN 27 - OCT 20 - NOV 24.14



The double band seems kind of unique; I haven't found many images of a pen of this size with the double bands on the cap.


My questions:

  • Do you agree with my identification of its age?
  • It is a short pen, as you can see from the photo. Can anyone tell me anything about this size? What term would Shaeffer use to describe it?
  • The pen is not for sale, but I am curious about the value. My best estimate is about $75 to $100; does that sound accurate?

As far as the lifetime warranty.....it writes like a champ. I'm kind of proud of my repair job. :-)


Here are some more pictures:








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Sorry, I can't answer your questions at all; I just want to say great job, and nice pen. I have the ringtop version of this (well, that's probably not a technical description :)), and I love it. I hope your wife enjoys the pen for many years.


best wishes,


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Double band is not unique. This is circa 1928. The double band was originally a distinction of 5-30's and 7-30's but, must have proved popular as it appeared on lifetime pens shortly afterward. The model is a J74SC for Jade short clip pen thinner than the oversize. While the color is better than average the stress crack at the clip would make the value more in line with $50. Huge solid nibs on these pens and a fine heirloom.


Roger W.

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