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Ink Flow Problems


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I was using a wing sung 612 for quite a while and found it dry writing, but extremely smooth (both of which were good for writing on cheap school paper). Then after letting it sit for about a day without use, I found that it seemed to dry out very easily. Once I started writing, it worked fine, but after letting it sit for even an hour, it would take quite some effort to make it start up. I thought it was that ink was drying in the pen because the cap seemed to be wearing down (and becoming progressively less airtight). I flushed out the pen and refilled it. However, now, even though the pen is full of ink and I can squeeze the filler to send a drop of ink out, the pen still doesn't put ink down. I really love how this pen used to write, so i was heartbroken when it stopped working. Any ideas of how to fix it?

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Buy another pen and use the cap from it ? Also, in the case of chinese pens, if one particular pen is a dry writer, try another(same model) and you might find one with a better ink flow. That`s what i did with my hero 616 jumbos. You can also try soaking the pen for a longer period of time, to make sure any dried ink gets dissolved in water.

If nothing works, i would just take the nib out and put it in another pen- if it`s that smooth...

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A couple of things might help, even though the pen worked well initially. Probably, residues left over from manufacturing have worked their way into the ink path somewhere, and when the pen dries out a bit, they block the ink.

First, if you didn't thoroughly flush the pen before you first used it, try emptying the pen, and then repeatedly flushing it with a solution of one part household ammonia (a few drops of dishwashing liquid will also work, but not as well) in nine or ten parts room-temperature water. About a dozen empyings and refillings should do it. Then, repeat a dozen times with clean water only.

Next, "floss" the nib. There are instructions for this elsewhere, but the general idea is to get a thin sheet of foil or stiff plastic (the pros used brass shim stock) and gently slip it between the tines of the nib several times. The idea is to clean out any dried ink or other material that might be stuck in that little slit. You want to use something paper-thin: so thin that it won't spread the tines apart a lot when you slide it through. Otherwise, the pen will begin to write wetter, and you will have to squeeze the tines back into place with your fingers to get the dry writing you want.

Then refill the pen and try it again. If these steps didn't solve the problem, the next step would be to pull the feed and clean it with ammonia solution and a stiff brush. But that's for another day.

Also, you might want to check and see if your cap is leaking air. Try blowing into it as if it were a balloon. If there is any significant air flow, it will probably be through the area where the clip attaches. You can seal that by dribbling a little hot caldle wax in there.

Anyhow, no worries. Odds are you can have your pen working again easily. Enjoy!


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