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Inks To Avoid - I Don't Want My Yellow Safari Stained

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I've just added a yellow Safari to my little collection. This is the regular yellow, and not the limited edition neon yellow.


I wanted to steer clear of inks that could potentially stain the section, near the nib. So, I'm guessing I'll avoid using the BSB, as has been repeatedly discussed elsewhere on this forum. Are there an other inks that I should be particularly wary of? Though I assume not, but it cannot hurt to ask - would an iron gall such as the Montblanc midnight blue stain it?

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I would be careful of the reds. I can't remember which ones I had particular trouble with, but I think most of the reds - especially the bright ones - have a reputation for staining easily.


I know one- and I think it might have been the new Pilot Iroshizuku Ruby - definitely stained the end of my fairly new Acme Chick Corea pen - the cap end - which means a little must have leaked into the barrel which then caused the stain when I posted the cap.


I have not given it a thorough cleaning, so it might yet come off. But it has not come off being scrubbed with a little plain water and a paper towel in the office. Fortunately, it sort of blends into the color scheme of the pen.

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