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New Pens For May


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The trauma of not having access to FPN was somewhat allayed by the arrival of some really surprising pens in the mail last week.


The first to arrive was a Reform 1745. I bought this without much hope of liking it, but as soon as I inked it up and held it I knew it was something really good. I haven't left home without it since.




Next was a Jinhao 250, again I was expecting the worst, but I'm really, really happy with it. I've since inked it with Waterman Tender Purple and It's come alive in all its broad nibbed glory.

The colour of this thing is staggering, and the price, unbelievable.




Last was the Jinhao X450 with 'calligraphy' nib. What a wonderful thing, no Idea what to do with it, but still wonderful.




I'm now officially addicted to Chinese pens, heaven help me.



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Thanks for sharing the new toys. I've gotten a few and need to take pictures.

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