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2013 Edison Morgan Le Group Buy!


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  1. 1. What Ebonite Material?

    • Mottled Green/Black
    • Mottled Red/Black
    • Briar Swirl
  2. 2. What Acrylic Material?

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Hi Pen Fans!


I wanted to get thing rollings with the 2013 Morgan Limited Edition Edison Group Buy.


For those who were not involved in last year's Pearl Limited Edition, here's a thread so you can understand what to expect....



I'm going to divide this post into two parts.  Part 1 will be logistics.  Part 2 will be all about choosing materials.


I will say this from the very beginning....I've done group buys in the past that were not organized well, and they were logistical nightmares. I want to make sure this doesn’t become one of those, for your sake and mine.


So bottom line, I'll spell out exactly how this will need to happen.  I’ll do my best to accommodate the wishes of as many people as possible, but ultimately this group buy has to be something relatively easy for us to provide, otherwise we can’t offer the pens at the prices that you’re hoping for.  So I will take all factors into consideration, but ultimately the final guidelines and "terms" for how this will be done will be set by me.




1.  There will be no official FPN involvement, other than allowing us to run some logistics within the forum.  (THANKS MODS!)


2.  Distribution of pens and handling of funds will happen through The Edison Pen Co directly.


3.  In order to participate, you will need to pay in full prior to any manufacturing.  We will have a set time period when payments will be accepted.  Once this time period has passed, we will have a total number of pens. After this, we will not accept any more orders. We will then order materials. Once they arrive, we will start manufacturing.  Understand that this means that there could be 1 to 3 months between when you pay and when you receive your pen.  I'm giving 1-3 months as a ballpark.  The actual time involved will depend on how many pens we are making. Once we have a final number, I will have an accurate (albeit still estimated) timeline. 


4.  You will see a prototype version of the final pen prior to making any commitment.


5.  The pen to be made will be The Morgan as a cartridge/converter filler.  The same as last year, we will have an ebonite offering, as well as an acrylic offering.  Price for ebonite will lie between $185-200.  Price for acrylic will lie between $170 and $180.  We'll narrow down exactly this price after materials are selected. (Normal retail for this pen is $250)


7.  Steel nibs only in XF, F, M, B, 1.1mm or 1.5mm italic.  You read that right!  By the time that this group buy is ready to ship, my 1.1mm and 1.5mm italics will be here!    If you wish to have an 18k nib, then you will need to buy the pen with the steel nib, and then contact me after you receive the pen for an 18k upgrade (nibs unscrew to interchange). 


8.  There will be no nib customizations available.  Only XF, F, M, B, 1.1mm or 1.5mm italic.  You will need to handle any nib customizations aftermarket.


9.  The pen will be engraved as a Numbered Limited Edition.  The Ebonite Pens will be engraved "2013 Morgan LEE #XX of XX". (LEE is for Limited Edition Ebonite).  The acrylic pens will be engraved "2013 Morgan LEA #XX of XX"  (LEA is for Limited Edition Acrylic).


10.  If no more than 35 pens are paid for within the designated time period, then we will not do the project. We aren’t able to commit the time needed to manufacture this pen at this price unless we have at least this many sold. If we are at this point, we can possibly extend the time period if needed. If we still don’t sell more than 35, money will be refunded to those who payed.


11. Requests for a specific number within the edition will not be honored.  You cannot request #1, or any other specific number.


12. In addition to the cost of the pen, there will be shipping charges, of course. International friends can certainly participate, but appropriate international shipping fees will apply.


13.  Whatever materials used will be exclusive to this Limited Edition for one year. This means that not only will the engraving make this a Limited Edition pen, but there will be no Edison Morgans made from the materials nominated for a period of one year.


Here's what will happen going forward...

A.  I have started a poll within this thread regarding materials choices, both ebonite and acrylic. The materials with the highest number of votes will be used on the pens.


C. We will then have a time period when pens can be purchased. I will start a separate thread to announce this.  You will pay the Edison Pen Company in full prior to manufacture. Once this time period has passed, we will have a final count. No orders will be accepted after this time period, no exceptions.


D. Materials will then be ordered.


E. Manufacturing will begin. I will start a thread that will give regular updates on the project. I will include progress photos and also perhaps videos so you can watch your pens being “born”.  Please allow possibly 1 to 3 months from the time you pay for completion.  But due to the updates, the exact shipping date will not be a surprise.


F. Once the project is complete, all pens will be shipped directly to all of you.


PART 2 - Materials Choices


OK, so we have three ebonites to choose from, and five acrylics to choose from.




Mottled Green/Black



Mottled Red/Black



Briar Swirl





And Five Acrylics to chose from








Cappuccino Flake



Toffee Crunch



Blue/Gold Striated



So for now, please vote on your favorite ebonite and acrylic.  Please only vote if you plan on participating.  We would like to make sure the the voting is truly representative of the people who will receive the pens.


Then I'll start another thread in a week or so that will regard purchasing.


Please put any questions here.  I'll be watching the thread.


Thanks! We're looking forward to another awesome group buy!


Brian at Edison

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Great! Very pleased that the pen will be the Morgan!


Me too! I passed on the pearl last year because I already own one. But I sure don't have a morgan!

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Thanks for doing this Brian!


I will outright say that I want a Morgan, but I am not overly crazy about the colors, with the exception of the Briar Swirl Ebonite, with Red Mottled Ebonite being a close second. I would also take a Copper Flake one.


Outside of that, I am not so sure...I'll have to see what the final decision is.

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I've taken back my vote, because I've thought about it and can't guarantee I'll be in. But people seem to agree with me anyway! My two favourite acrylics in the lead, and I must say I like all the ebonites for this pen!

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One other question though, if we would choose to have it not engraved would that be a possibility or do you require it to be engraved?


Thanks for setting this up as well!


Yeah, I really can't do that. That goes against the "rules" of a Limited Edition. Each one needs to be identical, and numbered. But fear not - I always try to make my engravings more subtle and not screaming at you, or a blatant ad.



Edited by bgray
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WIll we get to chose the nib and clip color (two tone, silver, gold) or will it be pre-defined?

"Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination."

Oscar Wilde

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Very exciting! An Edison LE?? With an italic nib?? Boy, am I in!!


PS Been lurking here, on and off, for quite some time. What better thread for my first post!?

– Leon

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WIll we get to chose the nib and clip color (two tone, silver, gold) or will it be pre-defined?


I think based on last year it is safe to say they're intended to be just as shown, but if Brian says otherwise I'd welcome it. I see Briar Swirl with silver tone furniture in my mind.


ETA: My selections were Briar Swirl and Blue/Gold Striated. That said, I will likely be buying whatever ebonite pen wins. My Badger & Blade Herald Grande in ebonite is just that much better than my acrylic Pearl group buy pen (though both are terrific).

Edited by Jimmy James

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