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2013 La Pen Show Report


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Thanks you so much for the LA Pen Show coverage.

Writing with pen and ink, is an endeavour both stimulating and cathartic.

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Thank you for sharing the photos of my little one (I love those - great shots!) and of the whole show in general, and taking the time to make such extensive posts. I imagine it was a bit of work sorting through it all and putting it together, and I enjoyed seeing the show through your eyes.


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Your photos are, as ever, super awesome. I am SOOOOO glad I didn't show up until Sunday. Otherwise I would have spent every dollar I made, plus every dollar in my bank accounts on pens. Coming late saved me from having to check back in to FP Rehab.


So that's where you were. I would swing around to your table and you were not there.

2020 San Francisco Pen Show
August 28-30th, 2020
Pullman Hotel San Francisco Bay
223 Twin Dolphin Drive
Redwood City Ca, 94065

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Thanks for posting all these great pictures from the LA show. I attended Saturday and Sunday and as always had a great time... Met some cool people and pens. A Stylo Art pen made my heart skip a few beats, so it had to be mine. The only drawback is that the next pen show is a full year away!

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Just a wonderful set of pictures of the show! Its as close to being there as you can get without, you know, being there. Another Sterling Job, Ricky!


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Sorry can't make it this year, so very nice to see these pictures. LA show is always fun for us.... and very exhausting at the same time.




We missed you, my friend!





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Ricky.....notworthy1.gif notworthy1.gif notworthy1.gif


As close to being there as possible! (But without the financial ruin!)

So nice to see familiar faces and put faces to names....

But the pens.....THE PENS!!!

Before I die, bucket list wish....DO L.A.


Thank you soooo much for caring enough to share the joy. wink.gif

God is seldom early, never late, and always on time.

~~Larry Brown

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Thanks for this vicarious pleasure!



"Life is like an analogy" -Anon-


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I was extremly excited & a bit big headed about making my own pens soon,until I saw the new pens being made nowadays in the pictures.It blew the wind right of my sails.lol I could never make anything close to the magnificence of the pens I see. And those boxes,unbelievable work-mindboggling. Amazing amount of work & money obviously goes into all these pieces of art & styling.I don't look at newer pens much,but I am now.I'm blown away. Excellent pictures and great production.I think I should start going to pen shows now...Thank you

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Thanks for the great photos, Ricky! Clearly I need to visit next year's show on Saturday and Sunday, too. No one told me there was swag on Sunday!


Dinner on Friday was great, so much fun visiting with people and the food and drink was terrific! Thanks, Joi for all the hard work putting that together.

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Some faces from Sunday



So to close the report, I leave you with this.




My daughter wanted this shirt. I got her card and I'm thinking this is a must.

Fountain pens are my preferred COLOR DELIVERY SYSTEM (in part because crayons melt in Las Vegas).

Want to get a special letter / gift from me, then create a Ghostly Avatar

Ink comparisons: The Great PPS Comparison 366 Inks in 2016

Check out inks sorted by color: Blue Purple Brown Red Green Dark Green Orange Black Pinks Yellows Blue-Blacks Grey/Gray UVInks Turquoise/Teal MURKY

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Loren doing some work





The line forms






Pen interlude












Artus pens













S.T. Dupont




Jim having coffee









The line grows. The line grew slowly this year.





Yafa had ink testing station for all their lines






Cool Delta pen







Loren recently bought an old Alfa Romeo car. So he felt compelled to find an Alfa Romeo pen. At a pen show, that's easy.







Kelly of Sula Jane and Earl arrived late. I had sent Kelly e-mail the night before to arrive before 8am. She responds in a text message "Ooops. Be there by 9am." Kelly brought samples of the new 2013 line and had great blow out specials on the older products.













The line reaches the bar





Susan Bowen getting ready for the masses





Some Taccia pens














The line reaches around the corner and reaches the garage. Normally, I would go over and take a shot but time was getting close and I didn't want to be caught on the wrong side of the line.




very nice pics ... excellent job !!!


can you tell me more about the 2 first Taccia pens ??? i really love them ..



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Great pictures. Thank you.

Rob Maguire (Plse call me "M or Mags" like my friends do...)I use a Tablet, Apple Pencil and a fountain pen. Targas, Sailor, MB, Visconti all wonderful.

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Thanks so much for the photos! My computer was out for repair the last two weeks and all these photos were too much to view on my phone. Your photos are great!

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Thanks from Italy for this great pics! :thumbup:

pens: Aurora * Delta * Esterbrook * Goldfink * Kaweco * Montblanc * OMAS * Parker * Pelikan * Pilot * Sheaffer * Stilnova * Stipula * TWSBI * Visconti * Waterman


inks: Aurora * Delta * Diamine * J.Herbin * Pelikan * Pilot Iroshizuku * MB * Noodler's * Omas * Sailor * Visconti * Waterman

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