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Edison Nouveau Le


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Not affiliated with either of them - just an oh-so-happy customer.


Brian at Edison and Brian at Goulet got together to create an LE Flecked Tortoise Edison Nouveau Encore.


I received mine yesterday. Wheeeee!


Here's a link to all of the images I took this morning (in very low natural light). .Edison Nouveau LE Tortoise Fleck


This one is winner of the images IMG_3751 That translucency! It makes me swoon.


The images over on Ink Nouveau make the pens appear a bit more yellow/green than they are. This picture of mine is probably the most color-accurate of them.



My first impression was WOW - and then I took it out of the packaging to inspect it a bit closer. Besides being beautiful with rich deep color, it's also super-comfortable to hold (I wonder if people with larger hands would disagree), feels well-balanced, and I can't wait to write with it.


I'll ink it soon and post a proper review - just couldn't wait to get some quick pics and share.

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I love the material - just wish the pen were a bit bigger. If it were, one would be in my hand as I type.


Sounds like it is just right for you. Enjoy!

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