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Little Green Newt

Brian C

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My first Newton Pen: http://www.fountainp...s-brown-urushi/

My second Newton Pen: http://www.fountainp...with-m1000-nib/

My third Newton Pen is the subject of this review. For this one I was after something very similar to the brown urushi pen but smaller. Something a bit more friendly for carrying to work everyday. I asked for something short, thick, and with a step down to the section and with a section made using an M9x.75 tap. Most importantly, I wanted Shawn to make it his own. I think he succeeded.


Appearance & Design (1-10) –Short, thick, with a step down to the section. Similar to a Nakaya Piccolo http://www.nibs.com/...iccoloPage.html and Edison Pearl http://edisonpen.com...Pearl-Main-Page with more curves.




The pen is coated with urushi. One of the first pens that Shawn has done with urushi. Shawn's urushi does not have the mirror like glossed finish that we are used to. It's more of a rustic finish. The brush strokes are visible. The clip is VERY...um...rustic? More on this later.


Construction & Quality- Top notch. Cap comes off smoothly with just over one turn. That's just about perfect for me. This pen is heavy. The ebonite is very thick and with the lacquer added it gives it a good heft throughout. Feels very solid in the hand. Everything goes together as it should.


Weight & Dimension- Fairly hefty. I don't have a scale but it is hefty. It is 5 inches capped and 4 3/4 uncapped. The section is this 3/8? Something like that.


Nib & Performance- I just happened to have a nib from a Pelikan M800 laying around not being used so I stuck it in there and, sure enough, it works. Shawn just happens to be the guy that tuned this nib for me. It's a medium and I asked him to make it work well with iron gall inks. It is smooth and juicy and works great with my Montblanc Midnight Blue.


Filling System & Maintenance- It's a button filler. Shawn's button fillers take the lightest touch of any button filler I've used. A nice touch is that since he makes his own buttons he can make them any color. He made this one from a brown ebonite. Really looks nice against all the green.


Cost & Value- Worth every penny.


One more thought. The clip. The clip is discolored due to outgasing of the ebonite. Now, while I wouldn't like this on every pen, it works well with this pen. This aged look goes well with the basic color and visible brush strokes. I love it. I might see if Shawn will do one for a black Herald Grande I have.


Conclusion- A winner in every aspect. Great size and weight pen with an urushi finish and grown up filling system.


All pics stolen from Newton Pens http://newtonpens.wordpress.com/. Here are some more:







I'm not great with reviews, so if you have any questions, just let me know. Thanks



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fixed a photo :)
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Nice looking pen - very curvaceous! It looks similar to a Danitrio Mae West. I like your pen a lot.


Congratulations to you and Shawn!


All the best



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That green is soooo pretty. Dagnabbit! I am really trying not to want more pens, and this is making it VERY DIFFICULT.




Sooooo pretty, though. Gosh.


etherX in To Miasto

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Wow, that's a stunning pen! I love the antiqued clip to go along with it.


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Handcrafted Fountain & Dip Pens

For Behind the Scenes pictures and comments, check out Instagram & Twitter.

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If that's Shawn's first urushi pen, I'm sure it's not going to be his last! :thumbup:


Out of curiosity, how long did the pen take to make?

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Not exactly the FIRST urushi I did - but one of the first.

I did this one with a batch of five other pens in all.



How long?

The pen was several hours of work - and the urushi was twice that spread out over a month or more. Coat, wipe, cure cure cure cure cure - Coat, wipe, cure cure cure cure cure.... repeat ad nauseum. :P

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Wow. That's gorgeous.

Pen just jumps of the screen with character & personality, love it.

You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you may just find you get what you need

Rolling Stones

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Shawn, I love the brown, too. STOP IT!







Sooooo pretty!


I agree - the brown urushi also turned out really nice! Way to go Shawn! :)

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Very nice.

Tenet insanabile multos scribendi cacoethes.

Many are possessed by the incurable urge to write.


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