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Rohrer & Klingner Leipziger Schwarz

Mafia Geek

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Here's my handwritten review of Rohrer & Klingner Leipziger Schwarz. This is likely be favorite black ink to date, a real pleasure to write with and real dark black ink. Not real waterproof, so not my everyday ink, but the best black I've used to date for quality of writing. I would HIGHLY recommend this ink to anyone looking for a real nice black that behaves real well and it's real expensive (around $12 a bottle I believe).


Anyway, here's the review.




Here's the water test. For this I wrote on a small Rhodia pad and after letting it dry for several minutes I ran it under tap water for a few seconds. Note that the writing at the bottom of the water test is not the ink tested, that is Rohrer & Klingner Salix that I used just to label the water test.



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Looks like the ink will disappear if the humidity level in the atmosphere gets above 50%.


The rest sounds nice. It looks like it is a black with blue undertones rather than grey, brown or green. Can you confirm?

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Nice review... nice ink. I originally didn't like it because it wasn't "black" enough when compared to 5-10 of the other black standards. But... in the meantime I do like it because it is a very subtle black. Let's say more of an anthracite. Only to be superseded by CdA's and and MB's "blacks" both of which are, IMO also anthracites...


Mike :)

Life is too short to drink bad wine (Goethe)

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I personally found it to be a really dark black ink, not much anthracite colour to it, one of the darkest I've used. From the smears on the dry test, I figure it's a green based ink rather than blue.

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georges zaslavsky

Looks interesting. Remembers me a bit of the waterman black.

Pens are like watches , once you start a collection, you can hardly go back. And pens like all fine luxury items do improve with time


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I saw some of this last night on Goulet pens and ordered it, but I should have checked, is this a corrosive ink? Are there some pens you would not use this in, or do you think its safe for the high dollar pens also :unsure: .

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I have this ink and I really like it. The above scan is not accurate, is an intense black with a little blue hue.

Remains me like the black bluish sheen feathers of a rooster.


R&K are very gentle to the FP.






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Steffen Larsen

I think of it as a very "cold" black, definitely not a true and pure black. The hints of blue and grey in the less saturated parts of the line does that, to a lesser degree the green. But the blue cannot be missed.
I have it in an old New Parker Duofold with a Fine tip, writing quite wet indeed, and it's there to stay. The combination is a pleasure, if tending towards bleed-through on some paper, but the narrow, very wet and easily controlled line, a freezing cold grey-blue hue acting as shading and slightly reducing the contrast, is a winner.

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I love this ink.

So easy to use, and abuse.

Spread the word Mafia Geek ! :)


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R&K makes good safe inks.

If Iron gall clean your pen every 3 months or 6 weeks if you are paranoid....won't happen, in you will change inks more than likely before the 6 week limit of the very cautious. MB said clean the pen every 3 months and they had had a IG ink.

This is the Golden Age of inks....don't have nib eating inks any more.

German vintage '50-70 semi-flex stubs and those in oblique give the real thing in On Demand line variation. Modern Oblique is a waste of money for a shadow of line variation. Being too lazy to Hunt for affordable vintage oblique pens, lets you 'hunt' for line variation instead of having it.

RIP...200's once great nib, now a double ball.:crybaby::wallbash:


The cheapest lessons are from those who learned expensive lessons. Ignorance is best for learning expensive lessons.




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Bought this ink today for a Visconti Van Gogh (F nib). I was looking for a really dark black ink that is not waterproof. Positively surprised. In comparison to the black MB it is a little bit darker and more on the blue side - the feathers of the rooster are beautiful and catch the impression of the ink much better than the raven I had in mind.


You need good soft paper (I write on Italian sketch book paper by Frabriano) for a very dark black. On more "glossy" paper the ink seems to look a little brighter, more like a midnight dark blue.


In Austria the price of this inks is less than half of the Montblanc. If you look at the company's page, you can get the impression the ink is based on natural and renewable materials.


If you love black ink it will add an attractive new shade to your collection.

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Cheers, Stefan

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