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wow... 107 pages of messages... I've only read the most recent couple but this looks pretty intriguing... a little about me...

generically...living in southern california with my wife of 40 years... 2 grown children living in los angeles. we both still work full time.

more specifically... of course I enjoy my pens and use them daily for work.. along with good paper and interesting inks. I work selling medical software to optometrists. I have varied interests and especially like most of the sciences. I spend a lot of time reading astronomy, astro physics (to the extent I can grasp it), cosmology. I like contemporary film and theater. My music tastes run substantially younger than my years and have seen Linkin Park & Imagine Dragons on stage in recent years. Currently loving 21 Pilots. Since this group understands this... I own as many pens as I an write with in a daily rotation. Today its a Pelikan M205 demostrator, others include an M800 blue stripe. M800 red stripe, Ocean Swirl and I have the new LAMY Aion on the way.


Shoot me a note.. I'd love to correspond with you.



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20 years old, student of literature, and hopelessly addicted to letter-writing and paraphernalia thereof.


I usually fill 3 sheets of paper on both sides (regardless of the format, interestingly), and reply quite regularly (twice a month). I'm looking for someone who would like to engage in a committed, long-term snail mail connection, so if you're interested - message me and we can set something up!

P.S.: I should warn you that I sometimes slip and talk a lot about books and movies... Fellow bookworms are warmly encouraged to let their enthusiasm roam free, too!

Snail Mail

(fluent in SK, CZ, DE, EN

currently learning EO, JP, NL)

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Newbie here. DW and I recently retired to Northern Arizona. Prescott. I'm originally from Hawaii and grew up there. Play and sing Hawaiian music. Love Asian and Hawaiian culture. Former Economics/literature grad. Building contractor, R/E developer.


DW and I are also professional photographers part time. PM me for our website. We also have equestrian horses and a guard cat that sleeps on the job. I love baroque and cello music and oldies. Also, chess and golf and other outdoor things. I spend time mentoring on financial and business forums (Bogleheads) as well as following world and national news.

I love to write and compose and appreciate a "well turned word". (love literature) I am also trying to improve my penmanship. Would love to have some pen pals (english only). Female or male is fine. PM if you are interested in an intro letter exchange to start. Thank you so much for reading this post.


Hawaii No Ka Oi


j :rolleyes:


I have room for a couple writing folks to exchange letters. I usually include photography from my portfolio. Write about 1x/month and respond promptly. PM me to exchange addresses and for an intro letter. Need to write more and keep my pens from drying out :)



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I'm in the US and would certainly be interested in an letter exchange. Once every month or so is fine. I did this many years ago and it was fun.

I'm a 57 yrs old male in NJ consulting in the Pharmaceuticals industry for technology solutions. Live in a nice, neat suburban NYC commuter town about 25 miles away.

Hobbies include Road Cycling (40 yrs), Birding (30 yrs), Photography (film + digital) 45 yrs, Fountain pens (25 yrs), Watches (10 yrs), and Family. I have two adult girls 22 and 25, both consultants with Deloitte in NYC in different practices.

PM me if you're interested.


Skip Williams


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An update to my original post:



20 years old, student of literature, and hopelessly addicted to letter-writing and paraphernalia thereof.


I usually fill 3 sheets of paper on both sides (regardless of the format, interestingly), and reply quite regularly (twice a month). I'm looking for someone who would like to engage in a committed, long-term snail mail connection, so if you're interested - message me and we can set something up!

P.S.: I should warn you that I sometimes slip and talk a lot about books and movies... Fellow bookworms are warmly encouraged to let their enthusiasm roam free, too!



First, I want to thank everyone who has sent me a PM so far, I didn't expect such a response! To anyone who might be reading this and thinking, "Well, Lady probably has enough pen pals for now" - don't! I would still very much like to get to know more penthusiasts, but, as may be expected, my turnaround time might be a bit longer than every two weeks... - but I will reply, that be sure of! Also, I realised that I didn't really say anything about myself in the original post, so here goes (the actual update part of this update post):



I'm located in Central Europe, oscillating between Slovakia and Austria, though with a more permanent residence in Vienna, since I study here. By nature of my education, I'm a big lover of stories in any way, shape, or form, most prominently of course books and movies/series (my Netflix subscription is the second most-used thing in my life - after my library cards). Choosing a favourite among them is like the notorious choosing of a favourite child - for a student of literature even more so -, but All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr is the one book that I can never reread too often, so judged by the primary definition of "favourite", I think that this would be the hottest contestant for that title. As for my taste in movies and series, I of course am moved and impressed by good, high-quality products, but I also always need to have a deposit of cheap trash content for the many times when I come home from hours of highly intellectual discourse at the university and just don't have the mind and/or patience to sit through even more social critique at home on my couch. Riverdale and Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments have been such series for me, also Versailles and Marco Polo, and I'm always up for affectionately trash-talking them. On the other end of the spectrum, Girls, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Black Mirror, MINDHUNTER, Parks & Recreation and M*A*S*H are wonderful series with amazing scripts, camera work and acting - the last one I actually rewatch in its entirety (11 seasons) once a year, every year, despite its sometimes problematic nature (but you'll have to mail me to find out about that!).

I should mention something besides stories, though! I'm a pretty big fan of ballet - both seeing it and dancing myself -, and I often help organise events with friends (mostly school balls, but recently I got the chance to set up a TEDx event!). Currently working on a huge cross-stitching project called Stitchers Retreat by Delphin Enjolras, fuelled by a taste for good wine (and a new-found interest to learn about same) and Sergei Prokovief's Romeo and Juliet and Cinderella put on repeat. One thing I should warn about: Being put through private Catholic primary and grammar schools has exorcised me of religion, one of the very few topics I have nothing positive to say about.


I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Snail Mail

(fluent in SK, CZ, DE, EN

currently learning EO, JP, NL)

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Have space again. Please read bio first.

He who says he knows but does not act does not yet know.
~ Wang Yangming


When I grow up I want to be just like Calvin.

~ Me

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I think I might just jump into this pool....


Basics: 49 years old; married 28 years; zero kids; four cats


Hobbies: do I need to say fountain pens and paraphernalia? Photography (especially bird & outdoors); amateur birder; hiking/snowshoeing depending on the season; yoga teacher; quilting; voracious reader


Hm... what else? If you follow the MBTI stuff, I'm the rare INTJ female. Sarcasm flows unrestrained, much to the chagrin of many people. I'm so liberal that I make Barry Sanders look like Ted Cruz. I'm not part of any organized religion, but I would say that I'm spiritual. Religion absolutely fascinates me -- especially the commonalities and histories among them all. The hardest question of any interview is, "Tell me about yourself."


If I haven't yet scared you off, please let me know. I've never done this, so I offer no guarantees that I'll be the perfect penpal. I'm setting your expectations low so that they can easily be surpassed!

Ink samples to trade: Blackstone Blue, Chesterfield Antique Crimson, Chesterfield Antique Jade, Chesterfield Antique Orchid, Chesterfield Antique Raspberry, Chesterfield Antique Raven, Chesterfield Antique Walnut, Chesterfield Antique Yankee, Chesterfield Night Sapphire, Cross Blue, Diamine Ancient Copper, Diamine Bilberry, Diamine Blue Black, Diamine Damson, Diamine Indigo, Diamine Oxblood, Diamine Purple Pazzazz, Edelstein Amber, J. Herbin Emerald de Chivor, J. Herbin Lie de The, J. Herbin Rouge Hematite, J. Herbin Storm Grey, Levenger Always Greener, Levenger Amethyst, Levenger Blue Bahama, Levenger Cardinal Red, Levenger Cobalt Blue, Levenger Cocoa, Levenger Fireball, Levenger Gemstone Green, Levenger Pinkly, Levenger Raven Black, Levenger Skies of Blue, Levenger Smokey, Montblanc Black , Montblanc Montblanc for BMW, Noodler's Bay State Blue, Parker Quink, Pilot Blue, Sailor Souten, Sailor Waka-Uguisu

Looking for: surprise me!

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Hi Everyone,

I am very interested in finding some new pen pals. I have a lot of interests, but mostly they revolve around reading, writing, pens, calligraphy, and almost all other creative expressions. I love hearing about what makes people tick, and what fuels people's passions. I am open to discussing anything at all, and I try to keep a voluminous correspondence with those I exchange letters with. I usually write between 4-10 short letters per week, as I really enjoy sitting down and reading the letters I receive and responding to them. I have no hangups about the geographic location, or age, or sex, or religion, or political background.. or or or.... you get the idea :) I am a 40 something, married, fiction writer living in the redwood forests of Northern California. I look forward to hearing from you, and I have pen and paper ready.




All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost; The old that is strong does not wither, Deep roots are not reached by the frost.



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Hi everyone, glad to see the list is still going! I've had a wee while away from the forums but am currently sending out a couple of PMs to see if people are still looking for pen-pals. In any case, hi!

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I understand that this form is basically about members corresponding with each other, but like many others who don't have a lot of time for correspondents I just wanna pass along that there are several very reputable sites that offer the opportunity for people such as our shelves, and anyone else actually, to correspond with people that are incarcerated, almost all of whom would be very glad to have another voice to communicate with. And while there are issues of reputability, at least in terms of who the individual is that you're communicating with, (but then this could be true of anyone you meet anywhere)I will say that there is a potential for really doing someone some good just by offering them another source of communication, along with giving you a chance to practice your handwriting.

I can attest that this is totally true and have found women who are not looking for financial assistance or romantic attachments, just a friend. I will say that more than reputability, it is reams of outdated information on the matching sites that I find to be the biggest obstacle.


I would love to exchange letters. My turnaround time is about a month, but I could speed it up upon request. I am 35, married, no children on purpose, guardian of two elderly but spry schnauzers, and am very much a New Englander. Although I am a former English major and recovering Catholic, I am happy to talk about almost anything including science, politics, and religion, and love to learn about what people are into. Favorite authors include Jonathan Ames, Douglas Coupland, Tom Perrotta, Kate Racculia, Willam Gibson, Margaret Atwood, and sundry confessional poets and memoirists. Favorite music hovers around New England and Great Britain between the years 1980 and 1995. Comedy kept me alive for many years, particularly the two decades between 13 and 33. I have worked in protestant churches, higher education, and as a professional dog trainer. Currently, I am starting back at a full time job in higher ed for financial reasons, putting my dream of working exclusively with dogs on hold for a few years. I play bass but all my bandmates had babies and now I pluck alone.


I am new to fountain pens, having been a lefty who thought they were not for us. I was gifted one last year and caught the bug this past December. I now have way more expensive pens than I've any right to. I also have quite the stash of stationary, washi, stickers, etc. from before the fountain specific obsession. Excited to hear from you!

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Basics: 47 year old female, married, no children


Profession: I have worked in juvenile corrections for about 21 years. But my passion is curriculum development and employee training.


Hobbies: Scrapbooking, Bible journaling, fountain pens, planner gal


Of interest:

  • I love Jesus and my husband of 16 years (yes in that order).
  • We are recent owners of a RV which is parked at a campground. We enjoy it mostly on the weekends.
  • I have been involved in the fountain pen world for a little over a year. I attend monthly meetings of the Ohio Pen Club. Half the time I have no idea what they are talking about. But nonetheless, I keep going.
  • I volunteer at our local humane society and the monthly community meal at our church.
  • When I do read, it is typically post-apocalyptic books.

Writing frequency: I would like to write someone about once or twice a month.

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Looking for a female pen-pal here! Not that the gents aren't wonderful (love my male pen-pals buddies), but I'd like to correspond with someone of my gender for once. :P

I'm 35, female Mexican-American with two teens (16 & 18) and a partner of 14 years.

- Fountain pens
- Fountain pen inks (this is a real passion of mine)
- Reading
- Writing
- Journaling
- Plants
- Single Malt Scotch Whisky
- Interesting Stationary
- Old Movies
- Mangas
- Knitting
- My Mexican heritage (which includes Flaming Hot Cheetos with LIME)

- My American Heritage ('MERICA! ¡Cómo te amo!)
- Music

I'm open to discussing most topics, including politics and religion (<--- I will be respectful, but ya gotta be respectful too). :D Writing frequency doesn't matter. Write when you want, when you have time.

Don't respond if you're going to do the following:
- Disrespect differing religions (or religion as a whole), political beliefs or others from different cultures: I don't want to hear about atheism's reprieved superiority or how one wants to beat up and drown-out Trump supporters, nor do I want to read about Christianity being the only way or the condemnation of "libtards". I don't mind discussing atheism, Christianity, Republicans, Democrats and the like, but it will never be a bashfest. I'll never feed into -bleep- like that. I'm 35, not 12--I'm too weathered by experience to believe one belief or ideology is absolute.



Ink, a drug.

― Vladimir Nabokov, Bend Sinister


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Greetings all. I am a 31 year old male and an attorney. My interests include philosophy, poetry, pens and stationery of all types sizes.


Here's the catch! I'm all the way in South Africa so I would understand if you won't want to wait a long time for mail to come.


Nevertheless I'm taking the plunge and inviting pen pals from across the 7 seas to get to know me... Looking forward to it!!!

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Hello! and I love to get into writing letters. Longtime ago my first hobby was to write to pen pals. And it grew up, I learned several languages and immigrated to France and that hobby died down. I changed the country and now I got back into my older soul and started to link into my older habits. Love ink and pens and Photography. Now I love writing in ink and painting with light.


If anyone interested, I am seriously looking forward to being in touch.

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Hi everyone!


Have been inactive on the forums for a little while, but hoping to change that.


Looking for a couple of pen-pals who don't mind receiving semi-legible letters (trying to improve my handwriting....honest :) )


I'm located in Australia, so letters do take a little longer to travel via post.


Basics: 35, Male, Single.


Hobbies: Photography, Birding, Geocaching, Fountain pens, Computers, plus a few more that elude me at the moment.


Happy to write first, or you're more than welcome to if you wish.




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Hi everybody!

I'm a 20-year-old physics student from the very north of Germany. I'm looking for a pen pal to practice my English and the chicken-scratching I call a handwriting.
I'd love to write to a person in England since I'm very interested in the country, but I guess there are plenty other lovely people around the world too.

Although I don't play an instrument myself (anymore), I'm fascinated by music, I worked at an opera for a brief time.
Next to my studies (now in the 4th-ish semester) I work at a very small software company.
In my free time I go dancing which is really fun.


I own a few Mont Blanc and Lamy fountain pens (with way more nibs than pens) and a collection of not identifyable pens which most of them I got gambling on Ebay.
I have a lot of inks to use with those pens.

If you think we could fit (or even the opposite, could be fun), feel free to PM me, I'd be happy to discuss just about any topic with you.



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Hard to believe I originally posted on this forum in September of 2013 (Post #1356). I was away from corresponding for quite awhile due to medical issues faced by both my wife and I. I would like to get back into writing letters again if anyone wants they can PM me, does not matter to me if I start or you start the correspondence. I am now 58 years old and some of my hobbies and interests have changed, they now are:


Christianity and the KJV Bible




Fountain Pens and associated paraphernalia


Auto detailing


The outdoors and our two dogs.


I am really open to pretty much any topic.




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I am fortunate to have found a couple of great people to write to here already, and I would love to find one or two more!

I enjoy reading (mainly history, occasional novels), music (especially Baroque), unusual/cult films, documentaries, travel, drawing, cooking, and various crafts. I love animals (cats and dogs in particular), interesting buildings (both old and modern), and learning about other countries and cultures. I am female, in my late 30s, in the UK.

Even though I am a fan of fountain pens, I am more interested in the words on the page than the stationery used to form them. I have been writing to penpals for more than 10 years, and always appreciate receiving a handwritten letter in the post!

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I appear to have worn out several of my correspondents. If anyone is interested in the thoughts of a struggling Buddhist, I'm your man. I"m into music, reading, and almost everything else other than fish, birds and religion. Cheers.

In the end only kindness matters

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I'd love to correspond with a few ppl via letter writing. Spencerian hand is my latest project, so any pen pals may well see some handwriting improvements over the course of our correspondence.


I'm English, female and recently turned 40 years of age. I enjoy writing personal reflections, writing stories, painting, drawing, films, museums, art galleries, modern board games, documentaries, and some history. My reading lists are heavily text-book governed at the moment unfortunately so I won't be best placed to talk about the latest novels, some classics, yes, maybe. Classic poetry is holding my attention at the moment, mainly because I'm finding interesting poems to reproduce in spencerian script.


My career is in healthcare. I work long shifts and enjoy the simple things in life in my free time.


I'm quite a liberal minded person, not particularly religious or political.

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