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D. W. Beaumel & Co.


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Hello everyone,


I'm starting a new topic directly related to writing instruments manufactured by D. W. Beaumel & Co. and all kind of information about the brand itself.


Please share links, thoughts and Beaumel pen pictures from your collection (or elsewhere), so that we can gather everything conveniently in one place for discussion and comparison.













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Posted Images

My 1907+ Beaumel eyedropper:


LENGTH: 122 mm

CAPPED: 145 mm

POSTED: 178 mm

DIAMETER: 115 mm


IMPRINT: PAT'D. DEC. 25 - 07





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Patents by David W. Beaumel*:


US769427 STYLOGRAPHIC PEN (1904-09-06)


US839537 HOLDER FOR FOUNTAIN-PENS &C. (1906-12-25)


US1169603 FOUNTAIN-PEN (1916-01-25)


US1435446 SELF-FILLING FOUNTAIN-PEN (1922-11-14)


* as found at ESPACENET.


Here is some more information about Beaumel's patents (http://www.kamakurapens.com/Manhattan/Beaumel.html):


" [...] Beaumel first appears on the pen scene when he patents a fountain pen design with Francis Cashel Brown of the Caw's Pen and Ink Co in 1886. Paul Wirt, the fountain pen maker from Bloomsburg Pennsylvania, sued Brown for patent right infringement. During the 1887 trial, the prosecuters questioned Brown about the whereabouts of Beaumel since his name also appears on the patent, but Brown claims he does not know where Beaumel is.


He wasn't far away. In May of 1890, Beaumel applies for a fountain pen patent under his own name and it is granted in 1893. [...]"


I hope that George Kovalenko would look at this post and add / change something if necessary :)

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And one more about brand history, as posted by welch:


Appears that in 1903 the company, office and factory, was located at 45 John Street in what is now a part of the NYC financial district. It would then have been in a light manufacturing area just off the East River docks. The current building, however, dates from 1908. If you care about urban archeology / fantasy fiction, take a look at the Google listings: about 2008, the building was sold to a developer who wants to make the building a luxury condo: gut-rehab, high-speed networking, gym, doorman, added two stories of pent-house. In 2009, the project was said to be in trouble.


I got that from an eBay listing for an advertisement, 350474901037. "Ask your jobber for the Rival pen". The pens were sold at $7 for a dozen. They also advertised nail files.


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Hi Radek,


Nothing to add. You've pretty much got it all, except for the patent number for the Beaumel patent with Francis Cashel Brown for a fountain pen issued in 1886, and the Beaumel patent in 1893. Those should be easy for you to find in Google Patents, or the EPO, if you've found all those other patents. Let me know whether you have any trouble.




George Kovalenko.





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Hi all. I am David Beaumel's grand daughter and grew up using his pens in school. My father, William, and uncle, Walter worked for him until the business closed, with my uncle then going to Waterman, where he remained until retirement. My father did not remain in the fountain pen business. I have several pens as well as old advertisements for some of the pens.

I am on vacation now but will send photos when I return home.

It was great to read about the fate of the old building, and would love to learn more about some of the pens that any of you may have.


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Does anyone think they can help ID this old D.W. Beaumel pen I found in my house? I'm going to try and have it serviced so it's workable again but would love some history on it. Cheers





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