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Samurai - Edison, Hakumin Urushi Kobo, Furlano

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I was asked to custom make a Samurai pen specifically with a helmet on the cap and sword clip.


The pen will be a modified Edison Mina bub filler. Here is an example of the pen:



Then Hakumin Urushi Kobo will do finish the pen in shiro tamenuri urushi which this is an example:





And I will work on the cap and clip. So this thread is about getting this pen together which between the design and urushi will take some time to do so updates will be intermittent.


I have never done a pen like this so I started out looking over a lot of different samurai helmets and swords. I narrowed it down to something less ornate that I thought would be practical to make and use.


Parts are to be made from wax and then cast in sterling silver.


Here is my first attempt at a helmet:




I got a Mina from Brian at Edison to use as a test:




I may or may not add more detail to the helmet... need o see how thing go, but here it eh helmet fit on the cap:





I am thing I may have Ernest from Hakumin Urushi Kobo do a little calligraphy o the cap or I may add a mask... not sure:




I looked at a couple of swords but I think I have settled on his one although I am not sure about the mounting yet:






That's all for now...

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Interesting! Looking forward to the final result of the Samurai. :thumbup:

"Have fountain pen, will travel."

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What do you use to make the prototype helmets and swords?

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Final part, the mask. All parts are in a draft prototype stage. I need to go back and tweak them into their final form.







All the parts to date.



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Jeez. I hope I don't like it TOO much. You know, the WANTING it liking it.


I kindv already want it.




etherX in To Miasto

Fleekair <--French accent.

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Silly question.

How is the sword going to act as a clip with two support prongs?

Or is one going to be removed after casting? I'd have expected the sword's hand guard to be extended to form the invisible clip attachment.


Amazing seeing the project go forward though.





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Customer does not want a functional clip. I actually modified the sword to sit closer to the pen cap.


You can see the cut out I added in the guard.




Wax model.



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For the insanely bored. Streaming the cutting of a sword from a block of wax (no sound). I do this so I can monitor remotely from my tablet.


There are four cuts, two per side. Rough then finish the top then flip the part and rough/finish the bottom.


I built the mill, it has a NSK spindle and the software being shown is Mach3. The roughing is done with a 0.0325" ball nose end mill at 8000 rpm, the finish is a 0.005" 10 degree tapered ball nose end mill at 12000 rpm.



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I think one day I must make myself a CNC mill. There is no way it's possible to make something so intricate in an acceptable time without CNC. Beautiful job.


No question about it, our machinist at work would be as green with envy as I am.





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Oh boy, that definitely will be an awesome pen when finished. A piece of fine art. :puddle: Looking forward to the completion ... and thanks for sharing the proces of designing and making of it.

Happy Writing!, Mainecoon

Dreams are presentiments of what you are able to accomplish (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

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Well I think I have to model complete. Or as much of as I need complete. It is impossible to mach the detail in the model between the wax and the casting some get lost. But in general it should look like this. Also, there are no undercuts like in the model. As an example under the helmet it will be solid to the inner diameter.







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Very nice design, Dan! I really like it.


Customer does not want a functional clip. I actually modified the sword to sit closer to the pen cap.


So, it's an "elongated roll stop"? :ltcapd:

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