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Video: Pilot Fountain Pen Manufacturing Process


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Thanks for sharing!




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Wow, interesting chain of robotic and human actions involved. I'd hate to be the nib stamping dude, though. Eight hours of that and I'd be bugged out loopy and weird. If they can automate the making and attaching of the iridium ball to the nib, why can't they automate nib stamping? Anyway, what do I know.


It did make me wonder about the people who made my pen -- looked like a Custom 74 except I only have a single ring at the cap threads -- and how they are doing and where they live and stuff like that. I wonder if they ever speculate about what people will be writing with their handiwork...


Thanks for posting!

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Very informative video. I'm surprised and relieved that there is still so much human touch involved in making these fine writing instruments. Perhaps this is why Pilot/Namiki nibs are renown for their smoothness out of the box every time. Thanks for posting.


"The only true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing"-Socrates


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Oh man, I have to bump this so it gets more views (not necroposting if it's only been a year, amirite?). Saw it last night -- it's amazing! I love the part where they're making the tipping and welding it to the pen.


If you're on this board and haven't seen it, you need to check it out.

Click on the CC button for English subtitles.


If anyone knows of similar manufacturing videos, make a thread or PM me.

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For your viewing pleasure.

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Very cool! Thanks for posting. 

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Thank you for the fun ride, now I know how the factory pros smooth our nibs 🤓

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