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Mechanical Pencils With Big Eraser?


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These are amazing: http://www.pentel.com/store/clic-eraser


And you can buy refills for them. I have had mine since I was in college. As an accounting student erasing came in handy when doing homework. They clip to your pocket just like a pen or your mechanical pencil.


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How about a Sumo Grip pencil? I use them religiously and love them. Twist eraser with no weird cap. Click-to-advance. Variety of sizes and colors. Wide girth and rubber grip.


And they're CHEAP.

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Pentel twist-erase, Retro 51, Parker Duofold. Listed in order of increasing cost/class/lux....

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If someone still needs a replacement eraser which will fit the Parker Duofold SR mechanical pencil and have the metal grommet the old eraser was installed in....

Search on the 'net for OHTO 2.0mm Sharp Pencil. Replacement erasers are available for it which are 9mm in diameter.

They will fit into the Parker original metal grommet with a little persuasion and lighter fluid lubricant.

The replacements are a little bit short........FYI



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Somehow I seem to have missed the beginning of the thread before now.  Because otherwise I would have said to just get a separate eraser (either one of those white polymer ones, or a kneaded eraser).  There are also "click" erasers, like this: https://www.staples.com/Pentel-Clic-Eraser-with-Grip-3-Pack/product_264291 which have a tube eraser inside them (like a mechanical pencil or lead holder).  

Another possibility might be (if they fit over the end of the OP's mechanical pencil) these: https://www.staples.com/Staples-Cap-Erasers-Assorted-Dozen/product_771352 -- but I don't know how good they are (whereas I'm very familiar with the first three types and use them on a regular basis).

Ruth Morrisson aka inkstainedruth

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